Pajama Cardinalfish at Manila Ocean Park

Top 6 Favorite Fishes at The Reef (Oceanarium), Manila Ocean Park

The Manila Ocean Park, one of our favorite theme parks in the Philippines, is conveniently located in the heart of Manila City. The Manila Ocean Park is divided into different sections, one of which is the impressive Oceanarium, which in turn is subdivided into huge sections: Agos (Flow), Bahura (The Reef), Laot (Fishing Ground), Buhay na Karagatan (Living Ocean), Kalaliman (The Deep), Pagi (Sting Ray) and Pating (Shark). The only sane way to present the Manila Ocean Park is to take small bites, starting with The Reef. So, while you’re researching whether the plural of “fish” is indeed “fishes,” we’ll proceed to list down our 6 Favorite Fishes at Manila Ocean Park‘s The Reef. 

6. Glassy Perchlet

Sometimes called “glass fish”, which sounds just fine by us. Easier to remember and say than “glassy perchlet.” The write says that this fish is seen on shores, among coral rubble or near seagrasses. We don’t think we’ll ever know. They’re so small we can’t hardly see them even in a glass cage.

5. Common Seahorse

We’ve seen a lot of brown ones in Panglao (Bohol). We really don’t how how the “uncommon” seahorse looks like. A seahorse by any name is just a seahorse, Aquaman’s favorite mode of transportation (or is it the dolphin?).

4. Blue Tang

So this is how it’s really called, Blue Tang. We’ve always called it Dory. Any fish of this kind, we say, “Look! It’s Dory!” Finding Nemo, remember? The forgetful blue fish with Ellen DeGeneres for a speaking voice. Nope? Then you’re just like Dory. Go to Manila Ocean Park and meet her.

3. Clownfish

“Hey, tell us a joke!” That’s what a fish told the dad of Nemo, a clownfish (sorry if we keep on going back to that movie, Finding Nemo, which will forever shape our view of all that is clownfish). Clownfish are not funny. But you can always try asking them to tell jokes at the Manila Ocean Park.

2. Saddleback Butterflyfish

We know how a butterfly looks like, and this fish slightly resembles a butterfly. Very slightly, yes. And the black-and-white strips resemble the horse saddle. So why can’t they just create new names for fishes and not copy the names of land animals. This one doesn’t fly like a butterfly and is not meant for riding like a saddle. Sheesh, just enjoy the photos.

1. Pajama Cardinalfish

Here’s our favorite fish: the Pajama Cardinalfish. Small. Looks lovely. But we can’t figure out the pajama and the cardinal. Anyone?

Bonus: The Jellyfish Exhibit

The Jellyfish Exhibit is technically not part of the Oceanarium but we’re including it as a bonus because the display looks impressive.

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