Thunderbird Resort Poro Point (San Fernando City, La Union)

If I’m a staff of Thunderbird Resort in Poro Point, and I’m asked to describe why guests should stay here, I would simply say what the resort has to say about itself, that “[h]ere, each elegantly furnished living space swathes you in a snug and serene comfort like no other. Plus, our world-class services and superior amenities are among the many reasons why we are a favored destination for any endeavor. Indeed, our resort offers you the chance to dream, play, and live however way you want.”

We really can’t say it any better — “Nestled amid sprawling blues and greens, Thunderbird Resort Poro Point’s Mediterranean-inspired wonder is as captivating as the magnificent milieu of San Fernando City in La Union, Philippines. From this stunning locale, one step inside the confines of our 5-star hotel instantly transports you into a setting influenced by Santorini, Greece’s dazzling landscape.”

That is how the Thunderbird Resort Poro Point website describes the place. And that is how it looked like when we visited the place.

Sure, we may have appeared soundgraping when we considered ourselves fortunate that Thunderbird was fully booked, which meant that we have to find another accommodation near San Juan, La Union. The second choice, Kahuna Beach Resort and Spa, turned out to be better because it was nearer San Juan and, more importantly, it was right smack in the Surfing Capital of the North.

Necessity made us discover the Kahuna. Thunderbird’s reputation made it our first choice. A happy ending, it turned out.

San Fernando City, La Union, is around 5 hours drive from Metro Manila, an hour by airplane through the San Fernando City Airport. Situated 10 minutes off San Fernando City is the Poro Point, an economic free port, where Thunderbird is located. [See map and directions on how to go to Thunderbird Resort Poro Point.]

The look and feel of Thunderbird is similar to another Mediterranean-inspired resort off an island in Marinduque, the Bellaroca. White and blue dominate the Thunderbird structure and landscape, and such uncomplicated color scheme is both elegant and relaxing. The blue highlights merge beautifully with the deep blue sea and the light blue sky. The white color makes the structure blend softly amidst the green nature in this enclave.

We’ll be back here to check its vaunted “world-class services and superior amenities”. For those who have experienced the service and facilities in Thunderbird, do share your experience with us through the comment section below. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Thunderbird Resort Poro Point (San Fernando City, La Union)”

  1. Overrated , or so i thought. You cant enjoy the beach, the entertainment room you cant concentrate on the movie because some group is playing pingpong. The restaurant is ridiculous, the golf clubhouse is average, though the fairways are ok. The only claim to glory is the hotel room, and yes, world class service by the staff.

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