The Philippine Tyrannosaurus Rex

We’re not implying that there’s a species of Tyrannosaurus rex, also called the T. Rex, that was discovered in the Philippines. Well, none yet. We don’t know for sure. Maybe there’s a fossil buried in your backyard. Try searching for it. But just in case you want to see a T.Rex fossil but can’t find any, try going to The Mind Museum. There’s a full-size T-Rex fossil in display in this world-class science museum.

We wouldn’t even attempt to give a description of a T.Rex. Chances are, you know more about it that we do. You most probably know that “tyrannosaurus” means “tyrant lizard” and “rex” means king. The fact that it’s not only a king, but a tyrant king, reveals the character of this dinosaur. As one of the biggest carnivores, it is believed to be one of the top predators of the dinosaur age. It has a huge skull, balanced by its equally massive tail. But we won’t be narrating how enormous this bipedal predator is. It’s way better for you to take a trek to The Mind Museum and see for yourself how massive this tyrant lizard is.

Or it’s poop. The T.Rex is so famous, with countless movies like Jurassic Park and Night at the Museum under its belt, that it’s poop gets its own name. Imagine that. Perhaps we human beings would receive the same honor if we go extinct and our evolutionary successors discover our fossils down the road. Now, if you’re given a pop quiz and asked what’s the name of a dino poop fossil, it’s called a “coprolite.” Amazing. It’s like a low-carb version of your favorite snacks.

There’s a lot more amazing and interactive exhibits at the The Mind Museum (no, the dinosaur is not one of the “interactive” exhibits), but we’re a bunch of happy guests even if only the T.Rex is in display.

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