Firetrees of UP Diliman: Up close

The Firetrees of UP Diliman (Quezon City)

There’s something soothing and relaxing in UP Diliman during Sundays (or weekends, for that matter), especially when it’s summer. The regular ocean of students are out on summer vacation. Only a few stragglers are left behind in the campus doing academic work.

You go to church, then enjoy fishball or some other Philippine delicacies sold at the booths outside the church.

Or you go back to the campus to have the familiar taste of Rodic’s, Chocolate Kiss, Chateau Verde or the walang kamatayang isaw.

Or go back on Sundays to sweat it out and inhale fresh air — the academic oval is completely sealed off from vehicular traffic on Sundays, perfect for jogging, biking and other family fun. In other days, half of the two-lane road around the acad oval is STRICTLY for pedestrians and  bikes (the other half is one-way).

Or, if too lazy to do some exercise, just lounge in the shade of almost a century-old acacia trees (the huge green ones), perhaps have a simple picnic at the Sunken Garden. Bring a mat, some food (or buy food at the shopping center, near the church), and good company. And there, with your back flat on the ground, you appreciate the beauty of these trees. Sometimes I wonder that even if only God can make a tree, we mortals sure have landscaping to make it more beautiful.

It’s hard to miss a firetree, let alone a cluster or row of firetrees (scientific name: Morella faya?). The fiery orange flowers that completely cover the branches are like bright-colored poisonous plants or animals — the loud colors are too hard to miss.

This summer, when you have the chance to pass by the campus of the University of the Philippines-Diliman, enjoy the sight of the fiery-orange canopies that seem to be on fire from afar.

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