The Edge Coaster (Crown Regency Hotel, Cebu City)

I’m terrified with heights.

There, I confess. Even the sight of someone clinging to the face of a tall mountain, those cliffhangers, would make my palms sweat. But they say courage is not the absence of fear, but the strength to overcome that fear (naks!).

[See Map: Directions on how to get there]

So I held my breath and took the 4-minute ride in the Edge Coaster, found at the 37th floor of the Crown Regency Hotel and Towers, Cebu City.  Everything is close from here because it’s a stone’s throw from Fuente Osmena, a landmark which I consider as the core of the Cebu wheel (hey, where’s the roller skating in Fuente?).

Let me say that again – the 37th floor of the Crown Regency Hotel, which claims to be the highest hotel building in the Philippines. My palms are sweating even while reliving the experience for this article.

The Edge Coaster also claims to be the one and only of its kind in the world. Dito lang sa Pinas. Some call it the Sky Edge. It’s probably a mixture of Sky Walk (another exciting activity at the lower floor) and the Edge Coaster, both guaranteed to pump up one’s adrenaline (us who are afraid of heights, at least).

The view from the 37th floor is impressive. It should be – the ride is worth P580 for two, but you still have to pay the entire amount if you’re alone (the good thing, though, is you get to eat the two food choices that come with the P580-package). You can have the same view from Tops or at the Marco Polo Hotel. But everything looks closer at the Regency Hotel, with a nice view of Fuente Osmena, the Jones Street, the harbor and the circumferential road. Use the telescopes for a better view of the surroundings.

This great view, just within the glass confinement that makes you feel safe, is heightened (no pun intended) by the cool Cebuano air running through your hair. Ok, some of you may think the air in Cebu is a bit hot, but, you see, it was raining when we decided to ride the Edge Coaster. It’s a view that takes your breath away.

Then your breath gets heavier as the excitement creeps in, starting with the signing of the waiver and the wait to get in the two-person coaster. It’s always good to bring the person you’re courting because she’ll most probably hold your hand while shouting. And you’ll probably suck in all your fear, least your date think you’re a wuss.

We stepped on the platform, listening to the instructions. Just relax, they say. It’s perfectly safe (so why did they make us sign a waiver, pray tell?). The first 5 seconds of the ride, around the bend, is completely controlled by the crew. Which means the coaster tilts whether you like it or not. You only have two sets of choices at that point – how loud your shout will be and whether to close your eyes.

You’ll have control for the rest of the ride and you could decide to tilt it further if you want. Just flick a switch in front and the coaster moves to a steeper incline. Bad news if you’re a control freak, because each passenger has his own control switch. Your braver companion could make life more miserable, and more exciting, for both of you by increasing the incline (which is, again, perfect if you have a date).

So, next time you’re in Cebu City, visit the Edge Coaster.

9 thoughts on “The Edge Coaster (Crown Regency Hotel, Cebu City)”

  1. hi fred! im so thrilled to see my picture on your site. i feel like a celebrity! haha! 😀
    indeed, the edge coaster was pretty exciting especially for those with acrophobia (i had to google this term). i don’t have acrophobia but neither am i fond of heights! and just like you said, its either you shut your eyes or you scream your guts out while the ride is on. i hope the eardrums of the girl (a staff who accompanied me) are alright. it was also a shame i didn’t have my significant other to cling on. i admit i felt relief when i got back to the safety of indoors. nevertheless, the view of the city, the feel of adrenalin rush & the complete experience of the ride was totally worth it.
    ps: it comes with a certificate of completion. mine says the date was sept 11, ’09 (9/11 annice), rainy weather, time was past 5pm. 🙂

  2. Hi Marie! Nice piece of trivia . . . acrophobia (thanks for looking that up). Maybe next time you could bring your significant other. Since you’re already immune to the ride (are you?), you’ll see how he reacts. As to being a celebrity, let me post those photos na talagang sumisigaw ka. hehe

  3. Marie, I thought you would mind seeing your picture on Fred’s website without your permission. kinilig ka pa pala 🙂

  4. cool!
    you can get so beautiful pictures!
    that is great
    thx for sharing with us!

  5. can you help us what is the total estimated budget in making the sky adventure this is for our studies in our school….

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