The Cliffhouse (Tagaytay City)

Sometimes it’s difficult to decide which article to write first, in the same way that it’s painfully mind-boggling to decide which restaurant to prioritize in a certain cluster. Take, for instance, the higher-end alternative to the group of restaurants surrounding Leslie’s restaurant and Starbucks in Tagaytay. The cluster is called The Cliffhouse, just a few meters from Leslie’s.

The Cliffhouse is a destination in Tagaytay City, consisting of a number restaurants, with a great view of the Taal Volcano (or Taal Lake).

I didn’t know that this The Cliffhouse exists. Judging from the unfinished portion of the upperĀ  parking lot, together with ongoing construction of some restaurants, I guess this is a relatively new place. And had it not been for the “ultimatum” of my wife for us to try out this new restaurant — Buon Giorno! — I wouldn’t go (on hindsight, I still would have gone, through hell or high water, had I known the other restaurants operating there).

Anyway, going back to Buon Giorno!, I didn’t know the kind of food they serve here. Nobody told me, though from its name, Italian food is a safe guess. The award-winning movie, La Dolce Vita (“The Sweet Life”), comes to mind. Plus the place is new, so we decided to drop by.

We started with pizza, Quattro for Maggi. This thin crust pizza is smothered with four kinds of cheese. Definitely for cheese lovers. For the kids, we fell back on the time-tested safe bet — spaghetti. Buon Giorno’s sweet spaghetti appears to be out of place in a Italian-themed restaurant, but the taste is perfect for the kids.

Then there’s the steak, which is not quite at par with Mamou or Massimo’s, but if we consider that Buon Giorno’s single serving of steak is only P500, then it’s ahead of these two.

Incidentally, Massimo’s has a restaurant at the Cliffhouse, but it’s still under construction (left side of this photo, just beside Cafe Breton). The original Massimo’s restaurant is just a few hundred meters from the Cliffhouse (directions here). The decision to open a branch here (or even to transfer the main restaurant) would seem very logical, considering the extent of foot traffic at the Cliffhouse. And the core eating crowd would still be the same.

The pleasant surprise, or shall I say surprises, came in two. I’m talking about great desert. There’s Cafe Breton. There are a number of Cafe Breton branches in the Metro and the more logical choice is to try other restaurants not found in the Metro. But logic rarely applies in food, something which should be easily understood by those who are fighting so hard to lose weight. Must . . . have . . . La Pinay. Really, how could you resist this mango-filled crepe, served with vanilla ice cream on top and made extra juicy-licious by a “healthy” dose of chocolate? There’s a Cafe Breton at Trinoma Mall in QC. Add the cool atmosphere of Tagaytay, with the great view of Taal Volcano. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Pure desert comes in the form of the Fruits in Ice Cream (I understand they also have a branch in Boracay). I didn’t have any craving for ice cream, since I already made up my mind on Cafe Breton’s La Pinay. But kids can’t resist the colorful collection of ice creams, nicely arranged just beside Boun Giorno!

So we bought strawberry for our kid and since he was not able to finish the entire serving, we had to “sacrifice” and finish it off. There was only one problem: we liked it so much and since we already drove off, we had to come back to get another serving of strawberry, plus mango and rocky road. Heck, even the logo of Fruits in Ice Cream looks delicious.

Of course, this discussion is purely subjective. Each one has a different opinion, especially in how we like our food. The important thing is not to argue, but to try it out. As they say, if you don’t like it, don’t go there again; if you like it, tell others. Relax and enjoy your vacation.

13 thoughts on “The Cliffhouse (Tagaytay City)”

  1. hi fred. hope you still remember me. me and my kids will be visiting philippines next month. i happened to read this article while browsing the internet. do you recommend visiting cliffhanger in tagaytay? thanks šŸ™‚

  2. Edith, hello. Yes, I recommend that you visit Cliffhouse (I hope that’s what you meant, because if there’s another location in Tagaytay known as “Cliffhanger“, I haven’t visited it yet). Kids will love the desert, plus there’s a relatively flat, open space for them to run around (without you fearing that they’ll fall off the cliff; the fence looks sturdy enough).

    There are other places to visit in Tagaytay, of course. We’ve already written about some of them. Which one to prioritize would depend on a number of factors, including: (1) who are with you and what they like; (2) how long you’ll be visiting or staying in Tagaytay; and (3) of course, the budget. I still have to post (when I’ll have some free time) the other stops in Tagaytay (including the Picnic Grove, which now has a new crowd-drawer), perhaps a summary of everything. Do drop from time to time.

    By the way, nice to hear from you after a century or so. Kidding.

  3. Buenas tardes, Fred!
    I hope it hasn’t been a century since we last “spoke”…
    I must say I do love Tagaytay. The last time I was there was carabao years ago although I remember well how green it was. As for the roads in those days, you could say they were lousy and rather dangerous. There was hardly any restaurant to talk about…how times have changed—and those photographs look inviting and appealing. I must confess that I truly miss the ice cream ube, one of my top favourite ice cream. I think that Haggendass is overrated though and I do miss Magnolia, the rocky road flavour, as well as tutti=fruitti. How I long for that beautiful country! Enough said…I could only envy you guys!

  4. Hill, it’s not a century since we last “spoke”, but it’s painfully obvious that it has been a century since you last visited the Philippines. hehe. I suggest you schedule your Philippine homecoming soonest. Now, if you love ube, I assume you’ll also love the ube jalaya from Good Shepherd, Baguio. Just a thought.

  5. hi! can you send me details on how to go to cliffhouse. Is it along the highway? near leslies? so where is this located exactly?

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