The Cassava Cake of Shiela’s Sweet Shop

A lot of times, we discover good food by simply relying on the choices of others and tasting what they’ve brought for us to sample. Some times this results to a bum stomach, food poising at worst, but many times it results to a “eureka!” moment. The latter could best describe our reaction when we tried the cassava cake of Shiela’s Sweet Shop.

It’s pretty obvious from the introduction above that we don’t know squat about this brand. The cassava cake was handed to us in silver platter (aluminum-coated plate to be exact). So we scoured the web for Shiela’s Sweet Shop. Whatdoyouknow, we found a lot of websites with almost the same name, except that the “i” and “e” are in reverse position (Sheila instead of Shiela).

We may not have personally bought Shiela’s Cassava Cake, but we’ve tasted it. And if we’ve experienced it, we can rightly write (wait, let’s say safely write instead) about it, especially if there’s something special about this cassava cake — the top layer tastes just like leche flan. Yum!

[Tell us what you thing if you’ve tried Shiela’s Sweet Shop Cassava Cake. Use the comment section below.]

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