Awesome Brownies with Cashew Nuts at Becky's Kitchen

The Brownies of Becky’s Kitchen

Looks can be deceiving. That’s true in life or one of its enjoyable aspects, food. Take, for instance, the Becky’s Kitchen. You haven’t heard of it in all probability. And if you pass by an all-white wooden house along 1061 P. Ocampo (formerly Vito Cruz) corner Bautista Streets (Singalong, Manila City), with the chipped paint, you’d hardly notice the old-school signage which quietly proclaims that this is the original and main branch of Becky’s Kitchen.

It isn’t farfetched that many would raise an eyebrow, while asking, “Kitchen ng beki?” Beki, of course, is a Filipino slang for a “gay” person. In 2010, during the Sawikaan 2010: Pambansang Kumperensiya sa Salita ng Taon, the term “bekimon” was discussed in connection with the Salita ng Taon (Word of the Year), which was “jejemon“. Bekimon is a gay jejemon, which, in turn, is newer term for “jologs” (itself a finalist in the 2004 Sawikaan).

Now that we’ve taken out this possible source of confusion, let’s sink our teeth on the meat, er, brownie at Becky’s (still, maybe one day we’d find out who Becky of Becky’s Kitchen is).

It’s not easy to find Becky’s Kitchen in Manila. The last time we were here, the street on which Becky’s stood was named Vito Cruz (now P. Ocampo). The all-white wooden house is still tastefully white, though time has obviously chipped the paint and corrosion has made the color blend with the earth (by the way, in addition to the old-house Becky’s Kitchen, contact through telephone 525-1648 and 523-4245, there’s another branch at the Community Center, Suha Street, Valle Verde I, Pasig City, #671-7606).

We arrived at Becky’s Kitchen after lunch. Siesta time on a weekend. No surprise with the almost non-existent traffic on the road. What’s surprising is the constant stream of cars and pedestrians, people stepping into the take-out-only store to get their favorite item. They look like salmon going back to their stream of birth.

No two taste buds are the same and each of us may have a favorite from Becky’s Kitchen (the comment section below would be helpful should you wish to tell us your favorite). For instance, Sweet Dreams raved about the Swiss Chocolate Cake, Tofifay and the Cherry Walnut Fudge. Life is Fun recommends the Swiss Chocolate Cake and the Walnut Fudge Brownies.

For us, it’s just the brownies with cashew nuts. Moist and soft, glazed with honey (or is that secret stuff something else?), with the cashew nuts adding contrast to the chewing experience. Not too sweet, we came dangerously close to consuming the entire box. We have a lot of explaining to our doctor for the sugar spike.

A great home-cooked brownie, seasoned with 25 years of tradition, tastes extra special. We just want our brownies. It may take some time but, like other salmon-heads, we’ll find ourselves going back again and again to experience Becky’s Kitchen.

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