The Bourne Legacy: First Official Trailer Out

The shooting of the movie Bourne Legacy is still ongoing in the Philippines (and temper of motorists due to rerouting is still to subside), and the first trailer has been released (watch below, thru youtube). It was reported that a number of Asian countries were considered, with one country even offering to pay, but the producers chose the Philippines. Whether it’s good to the image of the Philippines would probably depend on how the country is portrayed in the movie (see poll below the video). Here’s the video:

Can’t wait to see the movie.

The poll (Will the Philippines be portrayed positively in the Bourne Legacy?) ran until 29 February 2012. 48% answered “Wait for the movie in August 2012” and 40% said “Yes, it would be good”. Only 12% said that “No, it would be negative”.

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