Beach at Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines

The Beach of Panglao Island, Bohol

We’ve already said that we’re taking a small bite at a time of Panglao Island, on real time as we go around the place (map/directions of Panglao Island and Bohol). This time let’s talk about one of the crucial ingredients of Panglao’s allure — its beach.

A beach is just a beach. No big deal. For many of us, however, the beach is the heart of a place.

There’s a number of factors which make the beach in Panglao Island different from the rest. Panglao’s sand, a few feet before the wave line, is as fine and white as that of Boracay. The portion along the wave line, however, is finer, which tints the water at the shoreline’s edge white, pretty much the same effect when you put milk or creamer in coffee.

That means it’s not as comfortable to frolic at the water’s edge. Go a meter or two into the sea, or even farther. The water is shallow, waist-high until around20 meters from the beach, but this is not the time to discuss that. We’ll discuss the seawater later. Let’s leave this post for the beach.

The white beach is perfect for the little ones, running around and having a grand time on (and in) the sand. It’s a strip where you could leisurely stroll, encountering lumps of sea grass carried by the waves. Either wait for the sun to hide along the horizon during sunset or wait for it to emerge in glorious explosion of colors during sunrise. Perfect place to be in love.

These are among the main reasons why Panglao Island is slowly catching up with Boracay and Palawan. These are among the reasons why we came here.