The Art of Eating Otap

It’s extremely easy to feel at home at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino. The expansive lobby. The quiet ride up the elevator. The long, peaceful walk to the room. The reassuring beep of the electronic room key. The nicely decorated rooms. And as you go through your day in Cebu, whether for business or pleasure, there’s a little  surprise waiting for you upon coming back to your room — little food items that makes you feel that the Hotel thinks of you. One day, it was a pack of OTAP, with a little note on its side.

The note, captioned The Art of Eating Otap, reads in full:

“An original Cebu pastry, the “OTAP” is the celebrated oval biscuit made of flour, sugar, shortening and coconut sprinkled with sugar. This tasty, fragile biscuit would send delicious fragments of it flying to the floor, which is why one has to admit that eating otap is an art by itself. THis is also probably the reason why only a few can resist its sweet flakiness and why many reach for the sugar encrusted pastry for comfort.”

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