Floating restaurant at Loboc River, Bohol

The Amazing Loboc River Cruise, Bohol

There are different kinds of “amazing”. We get amazed by some cool magic or the colorful fireworks in theme parks. A lot of things inspire awe or wonder. It works differently for different people. The Loboc River in Bohol, in our book, is simply amazing.

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We see rivers and other bodies of water. Those in the province would say there’s nothing amazing with a river. Old people may see that’s normal — in the past. Still, for the rest of us who practically grew up in the city, and probably even those in the province where pollution had crept in, seeing a pristine, living river is simply amazing.

We’ve previously noted that a tour in Bohol is not complete without a river cruise up along Loboc River. Clean and scenic, the Loboc river winding through a number of towns in Bohol. The cruise includes buffet lunch so there’s no problem about taking your time. It also includes catching a glimpse of children diving in the sparkling waters of Loboc River.

The river is framed by lots of nipa palms and occasional coconut trees. Nipa palms produce vinegar and its leaves is the source of roofing for the nipa hut (that’s why it’s called a nipa hut in the first place).

Loboc is known primarily for its world-famous Children’s Choir and its equally famous river. I’d say this emerald-green river is a shining example of how to balance tourism and ecology. It’s a great case study on how to maintain a pristine environment while generating livelihood for the locals.

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The Loboc River cruise is usually integrated with the day tour. The van picks up the guests at the hotel or other places where they are staying in Bohol and whisks them to different tourist destinations in one day.

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It’s convenient to have the tour operator through the resorts. That may not be the cheapest because fees may vary from resort to resort. In our case, the whole-day fee is P1,500, which already includes the fee for the Loboc River cruise. So, you see, it’s less expensive to have the whole package, rather than separately paying for the van and the fee for the Loboc River cruise.

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The usual starting point for the Loboc river cruise is at the Poblacion of Loboc, near the Loboc church. We started the other starting point down river in the adjacent town of Loay — the Rio Verde Floating Resto, which is under the Loay Bridge. This is a few kilometers nearer to Tagbilaran City, the site of the airport.

The fee includes buffet lunch. Seafood. BBQ. Dessert. Fruits. Delicious and filling.

Enjoying the simple pleasures of life is amazing. Taking time out from one’s hectic and pressure-filled day job while absorbing the relaxing sights is amazing. Taking everything in while on board a floating restaurant and gorging on sumptuous food is amazing, just as amazing knowing that this is only a small portion of the total package offered by Bohol.

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