Thank God It’s Friday: TGIF Philippine Travel Stories

Time flies so fast when you’re having fun, yet it doesn’t really matter when it’s Friday. It’s time to get some travel fun and thank the high heavens for a well-deserved weekend. Browsing the VisitPinas-tagged photos in Instagram, it’s abundantly clear that many of you share our love for the Philippine outdoors and, of course, beverage, usually intoxicating, to calm our frayed nerves.

Beer, No Ice

When we came across this photo by Cathleen (check her Instagram account, @cathrdl, for more photos), the first thing that struck us is not that this is obviously snapped at Noni’s Resort in Batangas; not even the jewelries removed to represent the shedding of regular workday items and the shift to sit-back-and-relax mode. It’s not even the beer (the Philippines is world-famous for our beer; it’s going to be OktoberFest soon).

The first thing we noticed is the presence of ice in the beer. We love beer, a product of precise fermentation process that took centuries to perfect. Ice, which turns to water, dilutes the beer, affecting its taste. We love our beer pure. But that’s just us, right? Different strokes for different folks. So long as you enjoy your beer, it’s perfectly fine. Oh, before we forget, we love Cathleen’s caption: “Keep your circle small and your beer cold.” Have fun! (And, uhm, drink moderately.)

I Love My Honey

At first glance, we though this bottled product is alcoholic. A Freudian slip, perhaps, evincing our Friday thirst for something intoxicating. This drink is different. Healthy (on the other hand, we always argue that beer is healthy in origin, being made from grains). “100% Pure Honey harvested by our locals from North of the Philippines,” says Bzz PH (check its Instagram account,, for more photos; and, yes, it’s an “it”, because it’s a local business entity). There’s only one way to check if 100% honey is intoxicating. You guys go ahead and try it, then tell us if you got drunk or something.


This one is hard to find. We find it relaxing to browse through photos, either with the hashtag #visitpinas or directly tagging us, and we’ve noticed some patterns. Photos of mangoes and mango products, we see mostly Koreans. Also, it looks like foreigners are more predisposed to post photos of beer/alcohol, especially when the brand is shown. Our beer, San Miguel beer, can stand shoulder to shoulder (or is that mug to mug?) with any beer in the world.

We’re happy to find this photo of the Philippine beer, by a Filipino, right in the heart of the surfing spot in San Juan, La Union, courtesy of Ian (check his Instagram account, @ian_ang_j, for more photos). Cheers, dude!

By the way, speaking of foreign tourists proudly showcasing the Philippine beer while on vacation in the Philippines, here’s Spain-made bonita Lara Ontiveros (check her Instagram account, @ginger.shots, for more photos), island hopping with her beer in Siargao, this one in Naked Island.

We’re going to update this post, so tag us with your TGIF photos and stories.

[Photos reproduced with permission (thanks). Tag your Philippine travel photos with #visitpinas so we can track it down. Photos will be featured in this blog’s photo of the day and in instagram/VisitPinas, facebook/VisitPinas, twitter/VisitPinas.]

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