Tagaytay Ridge Zipline and Cable Car, Picnic Grove

“Could we go horseback riding and try the zipline in Tagaytay?” our son said one weekend. Ah, the perfect excuse to go out of town. No need for convincing. Doesn’t matter that it’s past lunchtime already. Pack the necessaries and off we go to Tagaytay.

After a quick bite at Mushroomburger and the horseback riding, it’s time to conquer the Tagaytay Ridge Zipline and Cable Car.

We’ve actually tried the cable car in a previous post. We noted that there’s nothing hi-tech about the cable car. It’s just plain steel welded together. No fancy stuff. Just the most basic functional structure. If you’re maarte, you’ll probably say it’s panget or baduy (or if you’ve been to Ocean Park in Hongkong or the cable cars at the Alps). If you’re an uber-safety-conscious creature, you’ll probably say it’s nakakatakot.

Same thing for the zipline. No fancy controls from the operators to accelerate the brave souls hanging for dear life. They strap you in and just push you through the zipline. There’s a version where you’re in a sitting position (you could bring and hold your kid while doing this). A car tire (yes, that rubber tire) at the other end of the line serves as the stopping mechanism, with two assistants tugging you to break the momentum.

But the adrenaline is pure. Just you and the gaping ravine below. The very basic equipment, and the thought about something going wrong, probably kicks the adrenaline rush a bit higher.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is not for the fainthearted. Don’t make any excuses about the equipment. You’re just afraid.

Ok, that’s an exaggeration. It looks scary if you haven’t tried it yet. The thrill and the fear diminish with each try. The anticipation for the next big thing builds up. Like the Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon. But that adventure, and the story/photos, would be for another day.

Location and directions: Picnic Grove, Tagaytay City. If you’re taking the Sta. Rosa route, you’ll hit the dead end at the Tagaytay Ridge (the part overlooking Taal Volcano/Taal Lake). Turn left. After around 5 minutes you’ll see the Picnic Grove at the right side of the road, after the Girl Scout of the Philippines office.

How much? Fees include the entrance fee, which is P50 per head (except kids). The zipline fee is P600 (kids below a certain height ride free). The amount is inclusive of a two-way ride, plus souvenirs (a paper-framed photo and a mug with photo).

We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again: bring your sense of fun, leave your nitpicking alter ego at home. You can find many things here to fuel your hyper-critical mind. Stop whining and have some fun. At least that’s what we tell our son. Enjoy!

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