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Barkada Goals and the Beautiful Philippines: Photo of the Day

We’ve posted a lot of beach photos recently, and thought it would be nice to have a little change of scenery. Barkada photos, perhaps? There’s an abundance of #squadgoals in social media. We noticed a  squad photo with the #visitpinas tag, except that it’s shot on, uhm, a beach. Back to where we started, the beach (you guys mind tagging us with your barkada photos outside the beach?). Then we thought, hey, the message is clear — you can try all you want, but you can’t escape the world-famous beaches of the Philippines. You can run, but you can’t hide. This photo at Macampao Beach Resort and Leisure Farm, Sta. Rita, Zambales, is courtesy of Rodel Flordeliz, who happens to be a video editor and is also known as (whoah!) DJ Flynn Ryder at Wish107.5 (check his Instagram account, @rodelflordeliz, for more photos).  [Click the photos to enlarge.] Continue reading Barkada Goals and the Beautiful Philippines: Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day: Pinatubo Volcano Picnic

It’s amazing how nature can be so cruel, yet, at the same time, undeniably beautiful. By all accounts, using the words “picnic” and “volcano” in the same breath sounds insane. But that’s what you get at Mt. Pinatubo. Not a long time ago, a little more than two decades to be exact, Mt. Pinatubo erupted. If you think nature was cruel when Super Typhoon Yolanda hit, you were obviously not born yet when Pinatubo unleashed its wrath, a force hidden deep within the earth for centuries. In the same way that Yolanda introduced the new generation to terms like “storm surge,” Mt. Pinatubo introduced us to terms like “pyroclastic material” and “lahar.” The ash cloud was so intense, it lowered the world temperature and kicked out the U.S. military bases. Today, Mt. Pinatubo is quiet, a beautiful sight to behold. Trek to its crater, sit by the crater lake, and just marvel at that work of art. You won’t believe that this was once Ground Zero of utter devastation. And, oh, about the picnic, here’s how they did it, Ebrahim Dasalla and his friends (check his Instagram account, @eiamhere).  Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Pinatubo Volcano Picnic

Photo of the Day: Conquest

When was the last time you’ve gone through hell and back, chasing something which you’ve sought for the longest time and worked so hard to achieve? When was the last time when you’ve conquered your dragon? Do you remember the feeling? Yes, you can. But can you explain it to us? No, you can’t. Not even G.R.R. Martin or J.K. Rowling, in our humble opinion, can explain the feeling. You’re better off capturing the moment, the emotions, in a photograph. The background heights of Nagsasa Cove, even farther than Anawangin Cove of Zambales, was the dragon to be conquered by @carlos_sapatero. Those tightly clenched fists at the end of those fully outstretched arms, supported by knees that pay tribute to the very ground conquered by sweat, is something you’ll see in someone with pure passion. It’s the passion you’ll find in an etrepreneur, a craftsman, an engineer, an adventurer and a whiskey lover, all rolled into one, @carlos_sapatero. It’s the kind of passion that we aspire for in this one-way rough road called life. It’s the kind of passion we rightly expect from others. Nothing less. Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Conquest

Photo of the Day: Serene Anawangin

There is little doubt that Anawangin Cove, found in the province of Zambales, is gorgeous. It has the green pine trees against the golden brown hills, with the smooth black beach pounded by strong waves. When we went to this enchanted cove, we only had less than an afternoon.  We didn’t stay the whole day or the whole evening, which left us with a sinking feeling (no pun intended to the purported rip current of Anawangin) that there are countless beautiful photographs we missed. Scenes like this one, preserved in an amazing photo by byaherangmanilenya. Verily, Anawangin Cove is not simply a beach. It’s not simply a camping or picnic ground. It’s  a fertile ground for photo enthusiasts like byaherangmanilenya and her significant other. Here’s the photo of serene Anawangin Cove (click to enlarge): Continue reading Photo of the Day: Serene Anawangin

Off the Beaten Track at Anawangin Cove (Zambales)

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? What we thought is a purely philosophical question appears to be the subject of scientific debate as well. And what we thought to be a question that we can sweep under the rug, or anchor under the sea, came to face us in a slightly different form. If there’s a place of beauty, and there’s bound to be such a place in and around the 7,000-plus islands of the Philippines, would it still be beautiful if no one is around to see and admire it? Take, for instance, the Anawangin Cove of Zambales. Continue reading Off the Beaten Track at Anawangin Cove (Zambales)