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Photo of the Day: Surfing Fun

We’ve seen hundreds of great surfing photos. We’ve seen many awesome photos in better known surfing havens like Siargao and Baler. We’d feature those photos, hopefully within the days of summer, but let’s start the ball rolling (or shall we say, waves rolling?) with this one, a quick glimpse of a free-spirited surfing newbie, Pamela Jane Ducusin (@itspamelajane, check her gallery for more awesome photos), showing her stuff at Bagasbas Beach, Daet, Camarines Norte. It’s not really among the usual great shots — veteran surfers getting wiped out by thunderous waves, or cool sun-tanned wahini gracefully guiding the surf board through the angry sea. But there’s something about this photo, this lovely lady, Pamela. There’s that tilted body (probably because of the weight and size of that board) that goes with that bright smile — it’s the satisfied and giddy smile of someone who has gone beyond the white waves and came back in one piece. Oh, well, we can’t possibly fully explain the emotion. Why don’t you guys head out to the Philippines’ surf destinations, experience it first-hand, and then come back to tell us how it feels. Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Surfing Fun

Photo of the Day: Board Games

An island girl, @wheresjoanne refers to herself, and, with the idyllic life along the fine-sand beach and clear waters of Beach Placid, Bantayan Island, Cebu, it’s not surprising to discover in this photo that @wheresjoanne‘s significant other is a cool skimboard. Romantic. Truly romatic. Envious with the skimboard, dudes? Want to take the place of that colorful skimboard? Easy — you guys have to be as cool as a beach bum, most probably. And, while you’re at it, don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful islands of the Philippines! Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Board Games

Photo of the Day: Waves of Baler

We haven’t been to Baler but we know it’s one of the favored destinations by surfers because of its big waves. It’s really understandable for people to assume that because we’ve mentioned Baler, we’ll be featuring a surfboard on the beach, or a surfer gracefully navigating (is that how it’s called?) the powerful waves, or a beautiful wipeout. We’ve seen a lot of those photos and we’ll definitely feature some of them in the weeks to come (do tag us with your surfing photo, ok?). But before we feature the surfboards or the surfers, we’ll feature the waves. Feel free to please describe, for the benefit of the community, the waves of Baler (use the comment section below). Right now, we have this description from the lovely lady Amiel A (amieleima), shown running for her life from the Baler waves (ok, we’re just making up the running part): “10ft waves in rage! Swear it looks small from the shore but when you get closer it’s really huge!” Can’t see the 10-foot waves? Look closer at the photo below (click the photo to enlarge). Better still, go visit Baler! Travel time! Continue reading Photo of the Day: Waves of Baler