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Chasing the Kawasan Waterfalls (Badian, Cebu): Photo of the Day

Don’t go chasing waterfalls, goes a popular song. But you really don’t have to chase waterfalls — you simply jump from one. Around three hours south of Cebu City is the three-tiered Kawasan Falls, with its clear spring water forming part of the Matutinao River System. It’s found in Barangay Matutinao, municipality of Badian. Foreign and Filipino tourists love this ecotourism destination. One recent guest of the Philippines, the British visitor Lydia Garner (check her Instagram acount, @lydiagxx), lost no time testing her nerves by jumping off Kawasan Falls. See her photo below. By the way, expect a full trip when visiting Kawasan Falls. Beyond enjoying the waterfalls, another popular activity in this area is canyoneering upstream of the Kawasan Falls. The Osmeña Peak in the Badian Mountain Range, a popular trekking destination, is located nearby. Pescador Island, with its corals and marine life for divers, is found in the nearby town of Moalboal. Click the photo to enlarge. Continue reading Chasing the Kawasan Waterfalls (Badian, Cebu): Photo of the Day

Little Niagara called Tinuy-an Falls (Bislig, Surigao del Sur): Photo of the Day

Tinuy-an Falls is known as the “little Niagara” of the Philippines, with its beautiful 55-meter-high white water curtain. This multi-tiered waterfall, 95 meters in width, is located in Bislig, Surigao del Sur. The usual photo we see of the awesome Tinuy-an Falls is taken during the day. This shot by Mark Marcelino (check his Instagram acount, @mark.marcelino) was captured during the blue hour, he said. So we had to research what on earth “blue hour” is — “the period of twilight early in the dawn each morning and late dusk each evening when the sun is at a significant distance below the horizon and the residual, indirect sunlight takes on a predominantly blue hue.” Nice. The beauty of exploration: we always learn something new. Click the photo to enlarge. Continue reading Little Niagara called Tinuy-an Falls (Bislig, Surigao del Sur): Photo of the Day

Go Shower in Tangadan Falls (San Gabriel, La Union): Photo of the Day

How’s your shower this morning? Refreshing? Got one of those showerheads with power nozzles that massage your scalp while you rinse your hair? We don’t have one. We have something even better. And it’s way much cheaper, and way so much more fun, than ’em showerheads. It’s called Tangadan Falls, just one of the beautiful waterfalls you’ll find in the Philippines. Tangadan Falls is located in the town of San Gabriel, La Union, which brings in the awesome bonus of being a few minutes away from the surf scene of the north, San Juan, La Union (just have to add that it one of our favorite spot, Kahuna). It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. Want to see our shower? Here’s a photo courtesy of Jan Gomez Villanueva (check his Instagram acount, @jan_gv). Click the photo to enlarge. Continue reading Go Shower in Tangadan Falls (San Gabriel, La Union): Photo of the Day

Anghalo Falls (San Felipe, Zambales): Photo of the Day

Who dares, wins. That’s the motto of the SAS. Those who dare, win. That’s the phrase used by this lovely photographer, cs_jazz, in her blog. She’s Batman, she says, which is quite problematic in so many levels, but there’s no reason not to believe her description as an iska, a student of the universe, and a bar stool philosopher. Perhaps we all are. We can engage in endless dialectics, on a bar stool, with alcohol prodding our numb brain cells into philosophial overdrive. Perhaps we need to do that sometimes. It’s a fast world out there. Life moves so fast we get left behind every time we blink. It’s an endless chase for each second, a merciless chase that burns out a lot of people. But at certain milestones, we need to cut back, inhale deeply, recharge, refocus. Sharpen our body and soul. It’s a necessary process that we can do in so many hidden corners of the Philippines, like the Anghalo Falls in San Felipe, Zambales (photo courtesy of @cs_jazz; check her Instagram account, @cs_jazz, for more photos). Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Anghalo Falls (San Felipe, Zambales): Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day: Mystery in Buruwisan Falls

Nope, there’s really no mystery. Or maybe there is. Exciting tales of mystery usally surround hidden nooks and crannies of the Philippines. But we wouldn’t know for sure because we haven’t been to Buruwisan Falls, tucked safely somewhere in Mt. Romelo (Siniloan, Laguna). Perhaps we can ask the one who took this photo, Rowie Pagcaliwagan (check his Instagram account, @rowiepoly), who wants to go travel with nothing but his backpack and camera. Sounds fun, although the last time we’ve heard something like that, Rose (Kate Winslet) was telling Jack (Leonardo diCarprio) to paint her wearing her necklace, and nothing but the necklace. We all know that she meant that literally. We don’t know if Rowie meant the backpack-and-camera bit in the same way. Back to the photo, the perspective of this shot instroduces a certain sense of mystery to the usual frontal photo of Buruwisan Falls. It’s like the photographer is trapped in some invisible wall, with the pillars of waterdrops serving as prison bars. And the mystery deepens. Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Mystery in Buruwisan Falls

Photo of the Day: Kawasan Falls

We’ve seen a few waterfalls and we’ve heard about the Kawasan Falls in Cebu, but we haven’t seen a photograph like this one, courtesy of Michael Credo (check his Instagram account, @i_am_laagan for more photos). We’ve also seen tons of selfies, or groufies in this instance, but this one is not too obvious. We didn’t notice the selfie stick until later. It beautifully blends with the bamboo raft used to bring the guests under the waterfalls. Imagine that, the perfect water massage with your friends. And the fun thing about it? You really can’t tell anyone to soften the pressure or lower the volume of water. Either you make it or you don’t. This one is for hardcore wanderers, not for whiners. We’ve tried this crazy dare in Pagsanjan and we can say that it’s definitely not for the weak of heart and definitely not for those who have thin skin (or low pain threshold). It’s like a heard of cows, some small and some huge, happily stomping all over your back. It’s fun, really. So, next time you’re in Cebu, go find Kawasan Falls, try to get an awesome photo, and tag us so we can tell the world about it. Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Kawasan Falls

Photo of the Day: When it is Blue, it is Deep (Cancalanog Falls)

No, you’re not required to have ripped abs to enjoy the crystal-clear waters of Cancalanog Falls, found in the town of Algeria, Cebu. It’s a bonus that Hary Noel (ph.noel, who is a shutterbug, barista, coffee maniac, nature devotee, adventure seeker, and pathfinder) has some abs to show with what he calls “when it is blue, it is deep” fresh water of Brgy. Compostela. with a wanderer’s mindset and enough patience, anyone can seek and enjoy what the Philippines has to offer in terms of travel fun (but we’d certainly love to explore growing some abs to complement the awesome vistas of the Philippines; ahem, just wait and see). Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo of the Day: When it is Blue, it is Deep (Cancalanog Falls)

Photo of the Day: Waterfalls Challenge

Of all the amazing photos (and when we say a lot of amazing photos, we mean a LOT) of this lovely wanderer, Mitch de Juan (mitchibelss), this one of a majestic waterfalls caught our attention. The photo reveals a waterfalls in Batad, Ifugao province at the background, with Mitch in front, a raised arm and an accusing finger directed towards the waterfalls, as if saying, ____________. Yup, that’s a big blank. That’s exactly why the awesome photo (click to enlarge) pricked our attention. It’s the ultimate pop quiz material — what did the lady-wanderer say to the waterfalls? If you ask us, we’d go with our favorite: “Hey, you little drip! Wanna try my kung fu?” But that’s just us. Hit us with what you think Mitch said. Check her cool photo: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Waterfalls Challenge

Cool Katibawasan Falls of Camiguin

It’s not every day that we get to see a waterfall. A lot of us, in fact, haven’t seen a waterfall. Some of us have visited waterfalls that have been neglected, like the Hinulugang Taktak of Antipolo, or fun waterfalls like Pagsanjan Falls, we don’t  exactly know what to expect when we encounter each waterfall. So, as we looked forward to visit the Katibawasan Falls of Camiguin, we were clueless that we would be there for only a few minutes. Continue reading Cool Katibawasan Falls of Camiguin

Shooting the Rapids in Pagsanjan Falls (Laguna)

We were impressed by the expertise of the Cagayan de Oro white water rafting crew as they safely guided the raft through the angry rapids. The Butanding Interaction Officers in Donsol swam smoothly and ably assisted guests in safely interacting with the butanding (whale sharks). They are well-trained and experts in what they do, and if you add back-breaking work to that, you’ll be referring to the boatmen of Pagsanjan Falls. Continue reading Shooting the Rapids in Pagsanjan Falls (Laguna)