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Photo of the Day: Papaya River, Mt. Mariveles

In this modern day focused on steel and concrete monstrosities called cities, it’s refreshing to see living, breathing rivers. It may be hard to believe that one can drink fresh water direct from an actual river but we’ve stumbled into one such river — in instagram. This river, with a photo posted by arjaysalvani (he says he just “shoots wherever, whatever, whenever”), goes by a strange name — Papaya River. At first we thought he’s pulling our leg when he labelled it the Papaya River, a river which turned out to be a part of a mountaineering adventure in Mt. Mariveles (Bataan). Look at this photo (click photo to enlarge): Continue reading Photo of the Day: Papaya River, Mt. Mariveles

Photo of the Day: Waterfalls Challenge

Of all the amazing photos (and when we say a lot of amazing photos, we mean a LOT) of this lovely wanderer, Mitch de Juan (mitchibelss), this one of a majestic waterfalls caught our attention. The photo reveals a waterfalls in Batad, Ifugao province at the background, with Mitch in front, a raised arm and an accusing finger directed towards the waterfalls, as if saying, ____________. Yup, that’s a big blank. That’s exactly why the awesome photo (click to enlarge) pricked our attention. It’s the ultimate pop quiz material — what did the lady-wanderer say to the waterfalls? If you ask us, we’d go with our favorite: “Hey, you little drip! Wanna try my kung fu?” But that’s just us. Hit us with what you think Mitch said. Check her cool photo: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Waterfalls Challenge

Water Fun at Fontana Hot Spring Leisure Parks (Clarkfield, Pampanga)

No two places are the same, in the same way that no place is the same in the eyes of different persons. In the world of water theme parks, our new favorite is the Imperial Palace Waterpark and Spa Cebu, basically because it’s the newest and cleanest among the waterpark lot. It’s found in Central Visayas, which means that it’s not a default option for a quickie weekend getaway for someone living in Luzon. The next option, just south of Metro Manila, is the Splash Island, with the most number of exciting water slides. But Splash Island feels like a theme park in serious search for its soul, so there’s a challenge to search for another water theme park at the other end of the metro. And so with hearts overflowing with adventure (and a tank filled with just enough gas), we found our way through the North Luzon Expressway, totally clueless of a destination. Continue reading Water Fun at Fontana Hot Spring Leisure Parks (Clarkfield, Pampanga)

Amana Waterpark (Pandi, Bulacan)

Summer is that time of year to enjoy the outdoors. Some prefer the beach, like Boracay, Pagudpud or Anilao. Some prefer mountain climbing, like in Mt. Pulag. Others, especially those with kids, prefer to cool down in water theme parks like Splash Island. Those who are near Bagong Barrio, Pandi, Bulacan, have a new destination — the Amana Waterpark. Continue reading Amana Waterpark (Pandi, Bulacan)