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Disclosure: GoTravelBliss Travel and Tours

GoTravelBliss Travel and Tours is a registered Philippine-based travel and tours agency. We assist clients in ticketing, booking, preparation and all aspects of travel and tours. We deal with inbound (from abroad to the Philippines), outbound (from the Philippines to anywhere in the world) or domestic (to any point within the Philippines) travel. See the Menu of Services to know more. Use the Contact Us component to book a flight, travel or tour, or for inquiries. Continue reading Disclosure: GoTravelBliss Travel and Tours

The Cliffhouse (Tagaytay City)

Sometimes it’s difficult to decide which article to write first, in the same way that it’s painfully mind-boggling to decide which restaurant to prioritize in a certain cluster. Take, for instance, the higher-end alternative to the group of restaurants surrounding Leslie’s restaurant and Starbucks in Tagaytay. The cluster is called The Cliffhouse, just a few meters from Leslie’s. Continue reading The Cliffhouse (Tagaytay City)

Time to Travel: Long Vacations and Holidays for 2009

Expenses for travel, leisure, vacations and whatever you want to call it are not necessities, so these expenses get crossed out in the family budget’s list in times of recession or financial crunch. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to know the declared long weekends for 2009. By way of summarizing the official list of 2009 regular and special non-working national holidays (through Proclamation 1699), the following are the list of the ten (10) long weekends (weekends tacked to the official national holidays): Continue reading Time to Travel: Long Vacations and Holidays for 2009

The Mystery of the Movable Holidays in the Philippines

Maybe holidays are fixed in your country. So when you take a vacation, you know exactly the time frame and you know whether others would also be on vacation at that time (which is crucial for those who don’t want crowds in resorts, beaches or other vacation spots). We Filipinos use to have fixed holiday dates in the Philippines, but that changed a couple of years ago. Continue reading The Mystery of the Movable Holidays in the Philippines

Silent Night, Boracay

Each of us touched by Boracay has a special memory about this beach paradise. For non-divers, it could be the amazement of feeding fish while floating in the middle of the sea. It could be the fine white sand or various water (and air?) sports like the jet ski, banana boat ride and parasailing. It could even be as simple as the fresh seafood, the great fruit shakes or the sand castles with lighted candles inside. Continue reading Silent Night, Boracay