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The Best Burgers in Town: 5 Things to Know about the Snack Shack

We are always in the hunt for the best burgers. Right up front, we’re going to say that we’re not saying the Snack Shack burgers are the best in the entire in the Philippines. We’re not even saying that it’s the best in Metro Manila. No, we’re not making that decision yet. Not yet. But we’re going to put taste buds on the line and say that the Snack Shack can give ANY burger a run for their money; definitely the best burger joint in this side of Quezon City. There are 5 things that you should know about the Snack Shack. Continue reading The Best Burgers in Town: 5 Things to Know about the Snack Shack

Cheerdance 2014: NU vs UP vs UST in UAAP Season 77

If you think the fight is over, think again. The Cheerdance Competition in UAAP Season 77 may have been decided last 14 September 2014 but the spirited debate is far from finished. Not much contention for the 3rd place finish of the UST Salinggawi. The beef of contention is between UP and NU. Did the NU Pep Squad really deserve its second championship trophy? Did the UP Pep Squad deserve to regain the championship after first relinquishing it to NU last year? Here, watch the 2014 UAAP CDC videos again and decide for yourselves. Continue reading Cheerdance 2014: NU vs UP vs UST in UAAP Season 77

2012 UAAP Cheerdance Competition Champions: UP Pep Squad

The stunts peformed by the UP Pep Squad have grown more difficult and complicated this year. And, last year 2011, it was already difficult to start with. So, despite the spill at the end of their routine, the UP Pep Squad are still the Champions this year. That’s three years in a row and a total of 8 championships to tie UST in the most number of wins since the beginning of the UAAP Cheerdance Competition. The FEU Cheering Squad, which is equally good, settled in second. The NU Bulldogs got a podium finish for the first time, finishing third. Congratulations to the UP Pep Squad. Congratulations to all teams! To better appreciate the amazing cheerdancing stunts of the UP Pep Squad, here’s the video: Continue reading 2012 UAAP Cheerdance Competition Champions: UP Pep Squad

The Sunflowers of UP Diliman

The University of the Philippines (UP) in Diliman is known for many things, usually academic and political. Topnotchers. Past Presidents of the Philippines. Justices and Chief Justices of the Supreme Court. Leaders of Congress. Nationalists and activists. The last thing you’d hear about U.P. are zombies roaming around the campus, looking for plants to eat. Sunflowers, included. Continue reading The Sunflowers of UP Diliman

Famous Tapsilog and Jumbosilog at Rodic’s

Favorite ko ‘yun e”  (“That’s my favorite”), was all I could mutter when my ex-girlfriend refused to have lunch at Rodic’s in UP Diliman (Quezon City). It was the start of our relationship, traditionally with the best foot forward, but I couldn’t care less. It was terribly hard to suppress the disappointment lacing my voice as I drove away from the Shopping Center (adjacent to the UP Chapel), where Rodic’s is waiting for the hungry student. Continue reading Famous Tapsilog and Jumbosilog at Rodic’s

UP-AyalaLand TechnoHUB (Diliman, Quezon City)

The name pretty much sums up what one needs to know about the place. It’s a cooperation between the University of the Philippines (UP), one of the country’s top universities, and AyaLand, one of the country’s top real estate companies. We could have used “the” top university or real estate company, but that would be counterproductive – we’d devote all our energy arguing about it. So let’s just leave it at that. Continue reading UP-AyalaLand TechnoHUB (Diliman, Quezon City)