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The Dinosaur-stars of Dinosaurs Island

The stars of Dinosaurs Island, as the very name of this must-visit destination suggests, are the dinosaurs. While we have a separate post on the Dinosaurs Island (located at Clark, Pampanga), these dinosaur-stars deserve no less than their very own post. An introduction of sorts (the descriptions quoted here are only portions of what you can read onsite). Here are some of the dinosaurs you’ll encounter at the Dinosaurs Island: Continue reading The Dinosaur-stars of Dinosaurs Island

The Philippine Tyrannosaurus Rex

We’re not implying that there’s a species of Tyrannosaurus rex, also called the T. Rex, that was discovered in the Philippines. Well, none yet. We don’t know for sure. Maybe there’s a fossil buried in your backyard. Try searching for it. But just in case you want to see a T.Rex fossil but can’t find any, try going to The Mind Museum. There’s a full-size T-Rex fossil in display in this world-class science museum. Continue reading The Philippine Tyrannosaurus Rex