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Photo of the Day: Light Rail Transit (LRT)

This featured photo from our instagram community may look totally ordinary. But like the photographer, glazielgonzalbo, who goes by the tagline “not a typical earthling,” there’s nothing typical or common about this photo (click to enlarge) of the Light Rail Transit (LRT). The problem that we encounter when, well, encountering people, objects or events on a daily basis is the tendency to treat them as common. We’re posting this photo as a reminder to fight the natural degradation and look at our world, including our Philippines, with a fresh eyes — every single day. Besides, there’s nothing common with this beautiful picture, with its crisp but muted colors, and with the train looking like it has appeared from out of the light (as opposed to going TOWARDS the light, know what we mean?). It’s a potent symbol that there’s a positive direction for the Philippine mass rail transport system. We hope. We sincerely hope (otherwise, we’re doomed). Here, look at the photo: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Light Rail Transit (LRT)

Poll: Build the EDSA Skyway?

Makati to Quezon City / Caloocan City, along congested Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA), in 10 minutes. That’s by land in a car and not by way of the MRT (which takes more than 30 minutes, by the way). That’s during the day, in peak hours, and not during the wee hours of morning. Continue reading Poll: Build the EDSA Skyway?