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Floating in Paradise: Philippine Travel Stories

Everybody knows that the Philippines is a beach paradise, home of the world’s top beaches, including Boracay, Palawan and Siargao. The Philippines has retained its ranking among the world’s best tourist destinations, notwithstanding the closure of Boracay this year (but it will reopen in October 26, woohoo!!) Not everybody knows that the Philippines is also home to wonderful waterfalls and, of course, rivers. Continue reading Floating in Paradise: Philippine Travel Stories

Best of Both Worlds at El Nido, Palawan: Photo of the Day

The natural beauty of the Philippines makes us giddy, every time — a feeling, we’re sure, is shared by other wanderers. The thought of hogging the richness of the scene all to ourselves never entered our restless brains; more of “we wish our photos can do justice to the view so others can also see how amazing the Philippines is.” This, in the first place, is the reason for the creation and existence of this blog. This is also the reason why we’ve decided to have Photos of the Day, simply because each traveler has a unique view of the country’s beauty, like this awesome shot by charlynfaith (check her Instagram account, @peytfull, for more beautiful photos). We can only imagine the utter fun of enjoying both worlds above ground and underwater, in El Nido, Palawan. Amazing. Beautifully amazing. Click the photo to enlarge. Continue reading Best of Both Worlds at El Nido, Palawan: Photo of the Day

The Bellevue Resort (Bohol): Photo of the Day

When we travel, we always make it a point to wake up early and catch the sunrise. It’s always a wonderful time, sunrise. The play of strong colors that pick up where sunset left off. The serene world that is free from the agonies of the night and the harsh reality of the day. People are still asleep and you have the world to yourself. Even nature is calm, with the waves toned down and the breeze gentle. So, it’s always a joy to see beautiful photos like this, with the infinity pool reflecting the sunrise at The Bellevue Resort in Bohol, courtesy of @marolayta. You have beautiful country there, @marolayta. Click the photo to enlarge:

Continue reading The Bellevue Resort (Bohol): Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day: Flying Turtles of Moalboal

Turtles can fly, said the guys who took this photo. And we believe them. Swimming, after all, is simply flying — in water. It’s all about perspective, really, in the same way that aircraft landing is simply a controlled manner of falling back to earth. It’s awesome to see these majestic creatures, these sea turtles, gracefully flying uderwater in a manner totally opposite to how clumsy they are on land. The guys who took this awesome shot, Turtle Bay Dive Resort (check their Instagram account, @turtlebaydiveresort), should know. They have a dive resort in Moalboal (perhaps we’ll see you one of these days in Moalboal, lads?). We know the turtles of Apo Island Marine Reserve, but, in all honesty, we didn’t know there are turtles in Moalboal, a town south of Cebu City; only goes to show that we need to push our boundaries and check the underwater scene. Diving is fun, we’ve heard that before and we’re trying to convince ourselves about that, but Steven Spielberg and his Jaws really ruined it for us. We’ll muster enough courage one of these days. Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Flying Turtles of Moalboal

Photo of the Day: No Problem at Malalison Island, Antique

It’s been months since we’ve posted the last Photo of the Day and a lot has happened since then. To metion a few, we now have a Miss Universe, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, after more than 40 years, and the Christmas season has just passed. No suprise that for a lot of us, January is a difficult time, with that extra weight and all. So what better way to start the year by featuring something light — very light that it (or she) floats. On water. In paradise. Around Malalison Island, Antique. I’m talking about this awesome photo by Den Marie Balingit, who loves Pinas, she says and clearly looks like it (visit and follow her instagram account, @travelniden). I mean, wow! Just by looking at the photo, you’ll feel the gentle sting of the tropical sun on your exposed skin, the burn beautifully soothed by the rhythmic tumult of tiny cool waves that frolic on the white sand below. Anybody who consumed enough fats and calories over the holidays will definitely float, no problem. All you have to do is kick up, spread your arms, rest your head on the water, and let go of anything that burdens you. It’s paradise, you see. And we have plenty of those right here in the Philippines. So, still wonder why #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines? Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo of the Day: No Problem at Malalison Island, Antique

Photo of the Day: Kawasan Falls

We’ve seen a few waterfalls and we’ve heard about the Kawasan Falls in Cebu, but we haven’t seen a photograph like this one, courtesy of Michael Credo (check his Instagram account, @i_am_laagan for more photos). We’ve also seen tons of selfies, or groufies in this instance, but this one is not too obvious. We didn’t notice the selfie stick until later. It beautifully blends with the bamboo raft used to bring the guests under the waterfalls. Imagine that, the perfect water massage with your friends. And the fun thing about it? You really can’t tell anyone to soften the pressure or lower the volume of water. Either you make it or you don’t. This one is for hardcore wanderers, not for whiners. We’ve tried this crazy dare in Pagsanjan and we can say that it’s definitely not for the weak of heart and definitely not for those who have thin skin (or low pain threshold). It’s like a heard of cows, some small and some huge, happily stomping all over your back. It’s fun, really. So, next time you’re in Cebu, go find Kawasan Falls, try to get an awesome photo, and tag us so we can tell the world about it. Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Kawasan Falls

Photo of the Day: Tayak Lagoon

An infinity pool, a type of swimming pool that is becoming the fad these days, is carefully designed to achieve a seemless transition between the water of the pool and the surrounding vista, usually the sea and the sky. It’s beautiful, yes, but it also costs a lot of money to create. If you want to experience something more awesome that was created for free, but counts a lot of centuries to get this beautiful, you head to the many nature destinations of the Philippines. Take, for instance, a uniquely-named lagoon, Tayak Lagoon, found in a weirdly-named but sexy-sounding place, Caramoan (Camarines Sur). No, my dear, it’s not “ka-ra-mown;” it’s “ka-ra-mo-wan.” In Tayak Lagoon, the serene waters reflect the rock wall and the sky. We haven’t been there, and we surely love to go one of these days, but there are a lot of fellow travelers who have visited this sanctuary and came back with awesome photos. One lucky lady is Jane, a wanderbug from the Philippines, now based in the sunny side Abu Dhabi, UAE (check her Instagram gallery for more photos). They had to do a “bit” of walking, she said, before they got to Tayak Lagoon. We have a sneaky feeling that her statement about the “bit” of walking is an understatement, but it’s definitely something we look foward to undertake in the near future. It’s always fun to discover, no matter how challenging the path is, the kind of nature’s showcase waiting for us at the end of the journey. Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Tayak Lagoon

Photo of the Day: When it is Blue, it is Deep (Cancalanog Falls)

No, you’re not required to have ripped abs to enjoy the crystal-clear waters of Cancalanog Falls, found in the town of Algeria, Cebu. It’s a bonus that Hary Noel (ph.noel, who is a shutterbug, barista, coffee maniac, nature devotee, adventure seeker, and pathfinder) has some abs to show with what he calls “when it is blue, it is deep” fresh water of Brgy. Compostela. with a wanderer’s mindset and enough patience, anyone can seek and enjoy what the Philippines has to offer in terms of travel fun (but we’d certainly love to explore growing some abs to complement the awesome vistas of the Philippines; ahem, just wait and see). Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo of the Day: When it is Blue, it is Deep (Cancalanog Falls)

Swimming in Manila Bay

Manila Bay, most famous for its golden, romantic sunset right in the heart of Metro Manila. As the gateway to Manila, this is the site of historic battles, including the Spanish-American War and the Second World War. Here you can find the Manila Yacht Club (obviously a place for the upper class) and the Manila Ocean Park. This is where Philippine dragon boat teams, preparing for their world championship defense, hold their practice.  It really is puzzling why swimming is not allowed in Manila Bay. Continue reading Swimming in Manila Bay

Surf Camp at Kahuna Beach Resort and Spa (San Juan, La Union)

“When He closes a door, He opens a window,” goes a Christian teaching. And to paraphrase what someone said — that we often meet our destiny in the road we take to avoid it — we often discover something spectacular when don’t get what we want. To be concrete about it, we preferred Thunderbird Resort in Poro Point, La Union. It was fully-booked and we were able to catch the last few remaining slots at Kahuna Beach Resort and Spa found at the town of San Juan, La Union. Continue reading Surf Camp at Kahuna Beach Resort and Spa (San Juan, La Union)