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The Stingless Jellyfish of Sohoton Cove National Park (Surigao)

The jellyfish pond. Sohoton. Not much additional information on the jellyfish sanctuary heading into Siargao Island. We didn’t know exactly what the sanctuary is called, if it’s still part of Siargao, or how far it is from Siargao. All we wanted to do was go see the stingless jellies. No guts, no jellies. Siargao offered more surprises than we can take home even when using the biggest luggage in this inflation-challenged market. Continue reading The Stingless Jellyfish of Sohoton Cove National Park (Surigao)

Surf and Beauty in Cloud 9, Siargao: Photo of the Day

What we see of a photo depends equally on what’s important to us and to the one who took the shot. For hard-core surfers who frequent the surfing capital of the Philipppines, Siargao in Surigao del Norte, the focus might be the waves. Those who appreciate the island vibe might focus on the food and the beer, consumed right off the beach. Some might take a shot with perfect proportions. The photo featured here, snapped by Daniela (visit her instagram site, dani_negreda, for other beautiful photos), appears to focus on the clouds (hey, it’s Cloud 9 in Siargao) and, of course, the majesty of the setting (or rising?) sun. There’s so much more we see, but we prefer you tell us through the comment section, or see the place for ourselves. Click photo to enlarge. Continue reading Surf and Beauty in Cloud 9, Siargao: Photo of the Day

Surfing in Siargao: It’s More Fun in the Philippines

There’s a lot of unfilled slots in our Philippine travel bucket list. One of those blank slots is Siargao, found in the province of Surigao del Norte, way south of Manila. It’s the undisputed surfing capital of the Philippines, with Cloud 9 at its core. If surfing is our thing, Siargao would be at the top of our travel list, but we don’t surf. Still, we intend to go there someday, not to surf, but to soak in the island vibe (sounds weird because we’re living in an island, sort of, in the first place). For those who don’t understand why surfers are raving about Siargao, watch this video from the Department of Tourism: Continue reading Surfing in Siargao: It’s More Fun in the Philippines

Photo of the Day: Grab a Jelly

Grab a jelly. That sounds right. I mean, the phrase slips through your tongue so beautifully, without effort, so much so that you’ll forget that many jellyfish are among the most lethal creatures of the sea. Small, yes, but terribly lethal (incidentally, reminds us of the joke that because the jellyfish has survived for hundreds of millions of years without a brain, there’s hope for many people). Anyway, if you go to the Jellyfish Lagoon, also known as the Tojoman Lagoon, in Socorro, Surigao del Norte, you’ll come face to face with a fish, er, creature, that swarms the entire lagoon. The jelly swarm is not the poisonous kind, so it’s a relief. But even if your brain is telling you it’s not poisonous, your eyes are telling you to stay away, except, perhaps, when you want to take a selfie with the jelly. Like this photo, courtesy of Jakilo Dizon (visit and follow her Instagram account, @jacqueaeiouh), who is a registered nurse, a photo enthusiast, and a wanderlust. Grab a jelly, that’s how she described the photo. Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Grab a Jelly