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Texas Joe’s House of Ribs (Subic Bay, Philippines)

Ever since the American forces withdrew from Subic, it has struggled to find its place under the sun. It can’t be a place for swimming because of jellyfish. It no longer has the monopoly of duty free shops, with the proliferation of tiangge and imported member-only stores in Metro Manila. The once-mighty Ocean Adventure is only a shadow of its former tourist draw with the steady growth of the Manila Ocean Park. The few things we truly appreciate of Subic remain to be the traffic discipline within its premises, something that MUST be replicated everywhere in the Philippines, and the restaurants. Continue reading Texas Joe’s House of Ribs (Subic Bay, Philippines)

Canopy Ride at Tree Top Adventure (Subic)

Who’s not scared of heights? You’re not scared of heights? Good for you. We all come from monkeys under Charles Darwin‘s evolution theory, but I’m a little scared. Well, a bit more scared, really. I mean, the Edge Coaster in Cebu gave me sweaty palms. But that’s a good thin, ain’t it? Requiring too much to get excited is probably like taking drugs — you need more if your threshold is higher. I don’t know about drugs. On the other hand, I know the heights and the rush at the Canopy Ride, Tree Top Adventure in Subic. Continue reading Canopy Ride at Tree Top Adventure (Subic)

The Beautiful Anvaya Cove (Morong, Bataan)

Wear sunscreen. If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it. The long-term benefits of sunscreen have been proved by scientists . . . . So goes the familiar (at least, ahem, in our generation) opening lines of the Sunscreen Speech written by Mary Schmich, which became a successful music single “Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)” by Baz Luhrmann. Continue reading The Beautiful Anvaya Cove (Morong, Bataan)

Steak at Meat Plus Restaurant (Subic Bay)

What do you do when you go to Subic Bay? You’re most probably on a business trip or a special mission to raid the duty-free shops. And because it’s summer, you’re probably off enjoying the beaches in Subic (like Camayan Beach or Grande Island) or simply enjoying the sights and sounds (like the Ocean Adventure ). Yachting, karting, hiking, biking and much, much more. Boracay is more fun, true, but Subic is not boring, either. Continue reading Steak at Meat Plus Restaurant (Subic Bay)

Breathtaking Nature at Manila Ocean Park

The Manila Ocean Park is a seaworld, where kids and adults are treated with the sights of different marine animals (think of Ark Avilon Zoo, but all sea creatures). When you hear “seaworld,” you think of Seaworld in Orlando, Ocean Park in Hongkong and, in the Philippines, Ocean Adventure in Subic. Unlike those destinations, however, Manila Ocean Park is located in the heart of Metro Manila, so it should be easily accessible (rates are P400 for adults and P350 for kids). And unlike those destinations, the Manila Ocean Park has no shows like the whale and sea lion shows (although these shows may come later, as the Manila Ocean Park is still unfinished). There’s something, however, that makes up for that. [See also Trails to Antarctica, Penguin Exhibit and Snow Village, Manila Ocean Park] Continue reading Breathtaking Nature at Manila Ocean Park