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The Art of Being Alone: Photo of the Day

The high level of connectivity in the modern age, specially in the realm of social media, has, ironically, left so many people lonelier.  It’s easy to get in touch with people, yet it’s depressing that you are only facing your computer or electronic gadget. But being alone need not be about being lonely. There’s a good kind of being alone. In fact, we look forward to the rare times when we can be truly alone, perhaps like Mus (check her Instagram account, @themusinsta for other photos) who’s trying to master the art of soul searching and technology of self timer somewhere in Luna, La Union. We prefer to spend those times out in some quiet corner of the beautiful Philippines, with the surf providing a rhythym to the balmy heat, and the salty breeze gently peeling the worries off our cheeks. Click the photo to enlarge.

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