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Skydive and Watch the White Beach from the Sky (Bantayan, Cebu): Photo of the Day

The beaches of the Philippines are among the best in the world. As we’ve noted before, Philippine beaches come in different colors (with same clear waters, though), but it seems the most popular among tourists, both local and foreigners, are the white-sand beaches of these islands. Now, in addition to enjoying the beaches on the ground, what if we tell you that you can watch these white-sand beaches while dropping from the sky? Yes, skydiving has grown popular in Sta. Fe, Bantayan, Cebu, with Skydive Cebu Adventures providing the services. It looks awesome, as we see in this cool photo from Naël Henri Prélaz. There’s no doubt the parachute jump involves a lot of adrenaline rush (and screaming for newbies, who will be paired and inseparably strapped with an experienced skydiver, called a tandem dive), but we’re not doing it. Nope, not for us. It will be a waste of money because we’ll most likely pass out or, worse, have a heart attack. We wouldn’t back out from this extreme sport if were younger (well, maybe yes), but we know a lot of adrenaline junkies will happily jump off from a plane at 10,000 above Bantayan Island. You game to see some islands (uhm, while falling from the sky)? Click the photo to enlarge. Continue reading Skydive and Watch the White Beach from the Sky (Bantayan, Cebu): Photo of the Day