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A Toast to Toasted Siopao!

We are all creatures of habit. Sleep position we prefer, spending pattern that malls discover, study habits found wanting, driving style for Asians, blogs we read, and just about everything. Food is no exception. Certain kinds of food are supposed to look in a certain way and cooked in a specific manner. Yet, from time to time, the food we love — the food we know like the back of our palate, er, hand — is given a new twist. Who would have thought that “fried ice cream” would one day appear on the menu? How about Toasted Siopao? Continue reading A Toast to Toasted Siopao!

Siopao (and Mami) at Ma Mon Luk (Quezon City)

One can’t help but feel being transported back in time upon entering Ma Mon Luk, at least the one in Quezon City. The tables and chairs are obviously dated. Plastered on the wall beside the main door are photos of celebrity visitors, a lot of them now dead. You’ll be surprised to see that the place looked really ancient. It’s probably ancient. Continue reading Siopao (and Mami) at Ma Mon Luk (Quezon City)