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Cupcakes by Sonja (Serendra, Bonifacio High Street)

What’s so special about cupcakes? A store could sell a single food product like doughnut. But a cupcake is not a donut. Cupcakes are common and cheap, you could buy mass-produced items in a grocery. A cupcake store is simply not commercially viable — especially if you want to open the store at the  high end part of town. The rent alone would toast the finances of any brave soul who’d decide to sell cupcakes, and cupcakes alone. Continue reading Cupcakes by Sonja (Serendra, Bonifacio High Street)

Books and Bookstores

Books, at times, could make the waiting and down time in our travel not-that-boring. For instance, we could read a good book while waiting at the airport lounge when the flight is delayed.  For others, however, reading a book goes beyond a filler of dead air. So, let’s review some of the bookstores when you arrive in Philippine reading territory: Continue reading Books and Bookstores