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Food Trip: Philippine Travel Stories

We see a lot of food photographs in Instagram, but one particular photo grabbed our attention and made us realize that, hey, we don’t have enough food shots featured in our Philippine travel stories. It’s time to change all that. Tag us with your food photos in Instagram so we can update this post. Let’s start with these: Continue reading Food Trip: Philippine Travel Stories

The Feet of Summer: Philippines Travel Photos

Looking at the photos with our tag or with #visitpinas in Instagram, we noticed a pattern of feet as focus in various Philippine destinations. We’ve also noticed that all of these photos are from women. We don’t know why. Perhaps this is just an extension to women’s love for shoes. Yes, men also love sneakers, but that’s nothing compared to the relationship between women, shoes and bags. Let’s feature some of these feet that happily roamed the gorgeous islands of the Philippines. Continue reading The Feet of Summer: Philippines Travel Photos

The Smiling Hammock of Sabang, Puerto Princesa: Photo of the Day

We asked our kid what pops in his mind the first time he saw this photo. His answer is, uhm, brilliant: “I don’t know. A hammock?” Yes, it’s a hammock, silly, but look closer. Try this — smile, then squint your eyes and look at the photo, you’ll actually see the tropical universe smiling back at you. You don’t see it? Try opening your mind. The beauty of travel, as in photography, is the option to see the bigger picture or the focused view, even at the same time, and to see what is there or to see with one’s imagination. This no-frill hammock is daring us to kick our feet up, take time off from the daily grind, and relax. We hear the soft, salty breeze and Bobby McFerrin crooning “don’t worry, be happy.” Fortunately for us, Mike Plana graciously agreed that we feature this photo he snapped in Sabang, Puerto Princesa, Palawan (check his Instagram account for more awesome photos). So, going back, look at the photo again and tell us what you see. Click the photo to enlarge. Continue reading The Smiling Hammock of Sabang, Puerto Princesa: Photo of the Day

12 Ordinary Things that Look Gorgeous in Batanes

First things first — not everything in this list are “things”. Let’s not nitpick on the words and focus on the heavenly and awe-inspiring views of Batanes. And, yes, we’re not professional photographers. There may be more gorgeous views in and around Batanes, but we had to make the most out of a very quick trip (see also 15 Tips for your Batanes Travel). We’d love to revisit Batanes in the near future and spend more time taking photos of this nature-paradise. Continue reading 12 Ordinary Things that Look Gorgeous in Batanes