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Chilling with a View at Mt. Pamitinan: Photo of the Day

We’ve seen photos, particularly those taken at insane heights with people standing on the edge of something, that made our palms sweat. Today’s featured photo is not on the absolute extreme side, but it still made our task difficult, typing on the keyboard with sweaty hands. Sure, it would be nice to chill with an awesome view, like in Mt. Pamitinan, or to say, quoting Rasty Sanchez (check his Instagram acount, @rastyismyname, for more photos) captured sitting on Mt. Pamitinan‘s ledge, that: “You cannot keep running away from your fears. At some point in life you will have to build up courage to face and overcome them.” Nice thoughts, really. But we’d probably do that kind of meditating in some coffeeshop, or some mountain or sea resort with our feet firmly planted on the ground. Would you do it, hang out (pun intended) at Mt. Pamitinan? Click the photo to enlarge. Continue reading Chilling with a View at Mt. Pamitinan: Photo of the Day

Conquering Mt. Pamitinan: Photo of the Day

We’ve featured quite a number of mountain summits in this blog, but we won’t get tired of it. Doesn’t get boring. Each summit is differently beautiful (with a heart) and, more importantly, the exhiliration each climber gets is equally different. We’ve noticed, though, that ladies love to wear pink when assaulting the summit, perhaps a statement that women are on par with men in mountaineering. “Gorgeously tough,” as Ria puts it in her Instagram profile (her photo featured her; check her Instagram acount, @avariaarian, for more photos). There’s understandable pride in reaching the summit, and there’s no shame in showing it. It’s that sense of pride, personal satisfaction, and boundless exhiliration that is evident in this photo by Ria, conquering Mt. Pamitinan, located in Brgy. Wawa, Rodriguez (formerly Montalban), Rizal. Click the photo to enlarge. Continue reading Conquering Mt. Pamitinan: Photo of the Day

Flyby Pililla Windmills – Rizal Wind Farm: Photo of the Day

If you ask RaychRV to propose a surefire solution to the Metro Manila traffic mess, she’ll probably reply that the “fastest way to get around Manila” is a broomstick. Come to think of it, Harry Potter and his gang experienced absolutely no traffic problem in Hogwarts or anywhere they go, courtesy of the Nimbus 2000. We know J.K Rowling’s bestseller is a work of fantasy, but RaychRV (check her Instragram acount, @raych1009, for more photos) looks like she can do the same thing, while at the same time enjoying the view at the Pililla Windmills – Rizal Wind Farm located in Tanay, Rizal. You should try it sometime — no, not flying around the metro riding a broomstick, but snapping a cool shot while at the Pililla Windmills. Looks fun. Click the photo to enlarge. Continue reading Flyby Pililla Windmills – Rizal Wind Farm: Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day: Golden Outdoors

The caption of this photo, captured by Yen Lim (@goyenlim), says that “today’s nature adventure” is in “Mt. Balagbag, Rodriguez, Rizal.” For us, however, it could very well say that it’s in golden paradise. It feels like a lazy Sunday afternoon when you’re staring out of the window, seeing the ebbing sun put up a good fight to stay up in the sky, and, you thought, “there goes my chance today to go out and enjoy the outdoors.” It’s never too late, of course, for tomorrow is another opportunity to see the out-of-this world sun-baked grass of summer. This photo doesn’t have the romantic cloud-covered top of Mt. Pulag or the rolling hills of Batanes. Yet, this photo looks like a lot of things, like the Gladiator’s “Elysium” or a place where you are stripped of the artificial comforts of the world — just you against the barren world. It’s a place where you’ll be stripped of pretenses and you’ll be left with what’s real, as in this case, that heartfelt smile of pure outdoor happiness. Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Golden Outdoors