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Good Food at Buenisimo by Cafe Ysabel

There are no accidents in life, it is said. This short and deceptively simple statement can very well suck us into a complicated debate on what it means. There are no accidents because a Higher Being guides man’s fate. Or there are no accidents because whatever happens, happens; it’s not an accident, but simply a fact. Perhaps our community members may be interested in further dissecting that short line, but for us, at least for this post, we’ll dwell on the fact that our trusted ran out of battery when we dropped by Buenisimo by Cafe Ysabel in Quezon City. Continue reading Good Food at Buenisimo by Cafe Ysabel

A Restaurant Called Basil

What’s in a name? Plenty. For one, a name could get someone bullied in grade school. And it’s interesting to note that apparently there’s a happy and positive correlation between a name and success. This is, of course, a matter ripe for debate. When it comes to food, the name of a restaurant has absolutely nothing to do with how it tastes (but the taste definitely has a happy and positive correlation with the restaurant’s success). Let’s take a look at a restaurant simply named BASIL. Continue reading A Restaurant Called Basil

Join and [Definitely] Enjoy the Kanin Club

It’s inevitable that (almost) all of us have joined a club at one point of our earthly lives. Science club and all those clubs in school. Gym club as our hips grew bigger. Heartbroken club perhaps? But if there’s one club that could possibly count a huge number of members, that would be the Kanin Club. Continue reading Join and [Definitely] Enjoy the Kanin Club

Abuela’s Coffeeshop (Cocoon Boutique Hotel)

Those who’ve grown up with the home-cooked meals, cooked with love by mom, would always take that meal as the standard by which to gauge any meal, even those cooked by chefs. Moms probably got the recipe, and the taste, from lola. And so we have lola’s cooking as the standard. So if you hear of a restaurant named Abuela’s (Spanish for “lola”), it’s easy to assume that the food must be good. Continue reading Abuela’s Coffeeshop (Cocoon Boutique Hotel)

Lunch at Amici and Gelato at Caramia

Pizza, pasta, gelato. Amici restaurant is obviously confident about the taste and quality of these food items, so much so that these three items have been incorporated in Amici‘s branding. We’ve noticed that right under the name are those three words — pizza, pasta, gelato. We found ourselves checking out each food item one fine afternoon.

If we have our way, we’d leave this post simply with photos. It’s difficult to come up with something to write about. Don’t get us wrong. The food is great and the ambiance warm, but there’s nothing to push our blogging fingers to nimbly complete this post. Or maybe we’re wrong.

Ok, here goes. Let’s start with something easy to write about — the food.

Roast Pork with Mango Marmelade. It’s surprising that this item doesn’t appear in Amici’s online menus. Or maybe it’s there except that it’s under it’s Italian name. We don’t know. What we know is that this roast pork, sliced to a perfect thickness (or thin-ness?), is a roast pork you don’t meet every day. It’s like bacon, only sliced a little thicker. Neutral taste, so make use of the mango marmelade.

Frutti di Mare pizza. The menu says it’s a delightful array of seafood favorites: squid, shrimp, mussels and clams. We say it’s indeed delightful.

Pollo Arrostito. Sounds like some debilitating illness, but it’s not. It’s “chicken, rosemary half chicken baked to perfection and served with veggies” to be exact.

Spaghetti White Vongole e Gamberetti Pasta. We know spaghetti and we know white. Vongole? Gamberetti? Again, let’s turn to the menu — it’s sauteed mixed seafood in olive oil, served with foccacia bread. Foccacia?

Yes, it’s frustrating. We’ve never been comfortable pretending to know the name of the dishes, that’s why we never bother to pretend. This is specially true when it comes to the name of Italian dishes.

Yes, we know the Sausage and Three Cheese Pizza of Amici. That’s easy to remember. We also can easily remember the menu items for Cara Mia. Gelato (we ordered Pistachio, Mango Jubilee, Cioccolato0 is not difficult to remember.

Yes, we know spaghetti and lasagna, pretty much just like everybody else. But spaghettig white vongole e gamberetti? Three things kept us along the path of lunch satisfaction when we went to Amici that day — the description in the menu, the recommendation of the staff as to their bestsellers, and our sense of adventure.

Recipes by Cafe Metro (Trinoma)

“Let’s it at recipes.” Huh? My eyebrows went up when I heard, when I asked where we’ll have lunch, that we’re going to eat at recipes. It was Recipes, not the common noun with a small “r”, but a proper noun with a big “R”. It’s the name of the restaurant — Recipes, by Cafe Metro. I haven’t heard any review from this restaurant and, from the the name alone, I purposely set the bar of my taste bud to low. I didn’t want to be disappointed, just in case. But I was mistaken. Very mistaken. Continue reading Recipes by Cafe Metro (Trinoma)

Gimme 4Fingers Crispy Chicken

Quick! How many fingers does a chicken have? Yes, you’re correct — a chicken does not have any fingers. They have toes, four toes to be exact, which is why I’m confused why the 4Fingers Crispy Chicken restaurant call it 4Fingers (although I must admit it would be more weird if they call it 4Toes Crispy Chicken). Continue reading Gimme 4Fingers Crispy Chicken

Great Food at Annabel’s (Tomas Morato, Quezon City)

Along Tomas Morato Avenue, a popular food and entertainment venue in Quezon City, is an old flower shop. It doesn’t look much from outside. No fancy structures, just the name Annabel’s and an abundance of foliage that, for the uninitiated, hesitates to reveal a secret, spectacular beauty. It’s a popular place for meetings, press events, birthdays, weddings and special occasions. But you know we’re not going to talk about flowers and occasions, as betrayed by the title of this post. We’ll be reminiscing about great food at Annabel’s. Continue reading Great Food at Annabel’s (Tomas Morato, Quezon City)

The New Kamameshi House (Japanese Cuisine)

Try Kamameshi rice, my friends recommended years ago when I ventured in Makati. I still hear, and sometimes use, the term “Kamameshi rice”, although this is redundant if you come to think of it. Kamameshi, which literally means “kettle rice”, is a traditional Japanese rice dish, with various toppings, cooked in an iron pot. So, because Kamameshi is a rice dish, it may be redundant to say “Kamameshi rice”. But redundancy is for English majors. It has absolutely no bearing to those who are hungry or those who seek Japanese food. Continue reading The New Kamameshi House (Japanese Cuisine)