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Boracay, Naptime is More Fun in the Philippines: Photo of the Day

There are thousands of reasons to love Boracay, and we’ve given at least five (see 5 Reasons why We [Still] Love Boracay). One more reason to fall in love with Boracay, apparently taken to heart by Diane Cornejo in her photo below (check her Instagram acount, @fancytea, for more photos), is the chance — without anyone bothering you — to simply sprawl on the white sand and take a nap. We tried it once, although we can’t remember if it was in an inebriated state when we had to crawl to the beach and wash the hangover away. Doesn’t really matter, does it? As we noted before, despite the sea of humanity flocking to this Aklan island, “it’s surprising that tourists can basically lie down on the beach as if no one is there. Get a towel, spread it somewhere on the beach and enjoy sunbathing. We Filipinos have a street phrase for it — walang basagan ng trip.” Click the photo to enlarge. Continue reading Boracay, Naptime is More Fun in the Philippines: Photo of the Day

Anghalo Falls (San Felipe, Zambales): Photo of the Day

Who dares, wins. That’s the motto of the SAS. Those who dare, win. That’s the phrase used by this lovely photographer, cs_jazz, in her blog. She’s Batman, she says, which is quite problematic in so many levels, but there’s no reason not to believe her description as an iska, a student of the universe, and a bar stool philosopher. Perhaps we all are. We can engage in endless dialectics, on a bar stool, with alcohol prodding our numb brain cells into philosophial overdrive. Perhaps we need to do that sometimes. It’s a fast world out there. Life moves so fast we get left behind every time we blink. It’s an endless chase for each second, a merciless chase that burns out a lot of people. But at certain milestones, we need to cut back, inhale deeply, recharge, refocus. Sharpen our body and soul. It’s a necessary process that we can do in so many hidden corners of the Philippines, like the Anghalo Falls in San Felipe, Zambales (photo courtesy of @cs_jazz; check her Instagram account, @cs_jazz, for more photos). Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Anghalo Falls (San Felipe, Zambales): Photo of the Day