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Photo of the Day: Equal in Faith with the Black Nazarene

We have not joined any Translacion, the procession held during the feast of the Black Nazarene every January of the year, when Nazarene is brought from the Quirino Grandstand back to the Quiapo Church. We are not devotees, but we have no doubt of the intensity of the devotion that goes with the barefoot walk kilometers-long. We’re sure that there are those who question the practice, but we’re convinced that the Translacion is an equalizer when it comes to faith, pretty much like Yolanda was. There’s no rich or poor. Any devotee, when going to the procession, knows very well to leave any worldly valuables at home. You go there barefoot, with just your most comfortable pants, purple Itim na Nazareno shirt and a white face towel or handkerchief. You will be crushed by the same ocean of humanity, estimated at millions in number. And growing each year. You must co-exist with others, makikisama, to come out of the experience in one piece — alive and kicking. People have died during the Translacion. This annual even is not for the week of heart; definitely not for the weak of faith. Here’s a photo courtesy of Dong D. (follow his instagram account, @dongtheexplorer). Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Equal in Faith with the Black Nazarene

San Pedro Calungsod: Second Filipino Saint

The Philippines, while composed of diverse cultures and religions, but it is still the only predominantly Roman Catholic country in the entire Southeast Asia. And now, it is among the few countries of the Catholic world that has produced saints. Yes, not one, but two saints. Blessed Pedro Calungsod will be the second Filipino saint with his canonization at the Vatican on 21 October 2012. Continue reading San Pedro Calungsod: Second Filipino Saint

Celebrating Linggo ng Palaspas (Palm Sunday) in the Philippines

Today is Palm Sunday (Linggo ng Palaspaas), an event which commemorates the entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem. Palm Sunday also ushers in the Holy Week (Semana Santa), which is significant even to non-Catholics because of two national holidays, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, which, in conjunction with Araw ng Kagitingan, results to a 5-day long weekend this year 2012 (see also list of 2012 holidays). Continue reading Celebrating Linggo ng Palaspas (Palm Sunday) in the Philippines