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Photo of the Day: Jollibee Kulit

Not many fastfood chains anywhere in the world can claim local market dominance against foreign brands like MacDonald’s. One of those strong brands is, you guessed it, Jollibee of the Philippines. While others argue that it’s all about the food — Jollibee knows the sweet side of the Filipinos’ palate — we think a small slice of that market share has something to do with the mascot. We’ve seen Jollibee work its charm in parties and, we tell you, he’s one happy dynamo, always a good dancer (see “best dance crew“) with a good sense of humor. What’s the English equivalent of makulit? Here’s Jollibee, courtesy of Ranell Dedicatoria (ranellmartin), most likely having jumped on that counter top and ringing that bell (click photo to enlarge): Continue reading Photo of the Day: Jollibee Kulit

Photo of the Day: Welcome to the Top

People love the chase to the top. Some prefer to chase financial peaks, while others love the climb up the power ladder.  Others like to conquer peaks that touches the clouds — mountains. Different strokes for different folks. This love for the outdoors is not readily apparent when you check the instagram profile of JC (jeffrey_camp16). You’ll notice tons of photos of mouthwatering food, which can be explained by these profile entries: food lover, dessert maker, culinary arts, chef, loves to eat burger. If you look closer, however, there’s a “traveler” entry and photos of the gorgeous Mt. Pulag, the highest peak in Luzon, and its amazing sea of clouds at the summit. Here’s the cool photo (click photo to enlarge): Continue reading Photo of the Day: Welcome to the Top

Photo of the Day: Biri Island

She doesn’t say much in describing herself in instagram: CEBU | travel | coffee | music. She’s even more tightlipped when it comes to her name — she calls herself, quite simply, toot (rubbitoott). But when it comes to to traveling, this lovely lady takes a decidedly long-distance view. She recently went to Biri Island in Samar. How far? “Travelled a long way to get here, sailed 12 hrs to Samar and a never ending roadtrip/boat trip towards the Northern part is all worth it. A must!” Good things come to those who wait (and travel), right? Anyway, as you marvel at the beautiful rock formations and imagine the power of the waves, it might be helpful to remember that Biri Island is the frontline to the Pacific Ocean — the birthplace of typhoons, including the most powerful typhoon to make landfall in recorded history, super typhoon Yolanda or Haiyan. Here’s the photo (click to enlarge): Continue reading Photo of the Day: Biri Island

Photo of the Day: Parol ng Pinoy

A parol or lantern, or what others refer to as a Christmas star (although it’s important to remember that a lantern is not limited in shape as a star), is a common sight in the Philippines, a warm country with the longest Christmas celebration in whole world (some say Philippine Christmas season starts with the “ber” months, September 1, while others say it officially starts on the First Advent, which happens to be today, the reason why we’re featuring the parol). So what makes a parol stand out from the crowd? We really don’t know, but somehow this particular photo of a parol captured our attention. This parol looks really simple, not the most expensive or the most ostentatious in the parol universe, for sure. Maybe our choice is based on this simplicity, yet this parol exudes the colors and warmth of Christmas, an occasion special to Filipinos — it’s one of the few events when you expect Filipinos to move heaven and earth to get home. For Filipinos, Christmas is, in large part, about the family. It is thus not surprising for this special photo to come from a “super dooper happy mom and wife,” like Jade “Jing” Barcas (jade_anne03). Look at this photo (click photo to enlarge): Continue reading Photo of the Day: Parol ng Pinoy

Photo of the Day: Philippine Alps

One of the main reasons why we love Baguio and Dahilayan is the sight, and smell, of pine trees. There’s just something wonderful about pines trees. And snow, which somehow evokes a lovely image of the alps with its cozy chalets. Maybe it’s like the usual Christmas / winter sight which we all love. Maybe it’s the mixture of deep green and clean white. Maybe its the cold temperate associated with snow, alps or winter. Whatever the reason is, we simply love that sight. Now, imagine the same sight — except without that white snow — and imagine it in the Philippines (closer to Metro Manila than Baguio and Dahilayan). What do you get? The lovely view of the Tagaytay Highlands. Can’t imagine it? Here, look at the nice photo (click to enlarge) by Vera (iamveravenus): Continue reading Photo of the Day: Philippine Alps

Photo of the Day: Philippines 101

The very first time we saw Miguel de Dios‘ (autumnedout) photo of a Philippine map wonderfully presented on the world-renowned Boracay sand, we thought we have discovered a creative tool to aid students in learning geography. A eureka moment, really. Geography is not the most exciting subject in school, truth be told (especially considering that our politicians make our student lives more miserable by constantly rearranging boundaries to suit their sphere of influence). It’s not an excuse not to learn, of course, but imagine how much more exciting it is for kids to learn geography by requiring them to PLAY on a beach and create a relief map of the Philippines. It doesn’t have to be in Boracay — the Philippines is gifted with 7,107 beautiful islands that host world-class beaches. Just a playful thought, but imagine if we can find a way to have that, then someone won’t be dedicating this photo to his “geography teacher who said I didn’t have it in me.” Right, Miguel? =) Here’s the cool photo (click photo to enlarge):

Continue reading Photo of the Day: Philippines 101

Photo of the Day: Sardine Run

We remember a movie called “Chicken Run.” It’s a movie about, well, a bunch of chickens. Just recently, on the other hand, we came across a photo of Mary Tariman (miri020988) which she says involves a “sardine run.” It’s a photo of, well, sardines. And Mary trying to run, er, swim after them. Sardines, of course, swim. They don’t really run. Whoever coined the term “sardine run” must have a healthy sense of humor. Or maybe because the billions of sardines involved in a sardine run, associated with the migration of sardines in southern Africa, look like a huge mass of something running when viewed up in the air. We’re not really sure. We’re sure, however, that Mary was freediving in Moalboal (Cebu) when she had her version of running, er, swimming after a school of sardines (but only after taking a selfie). Love it! Here’s the cool photo (click to enlarge): Continue reading Photo of the Day: Sardine Run

Photo of the Day: Oslob Road

There are a couple of truths that we’ve confirmed as we grow older. Work, for instance, becomes a chore without fun. People are also more productive when they are having fun. Well, at least that’s what we believe. A month ago since we opened our instagram account, we did not anticipate how fun it is to look at photos of the Philippines snapped by fellow wanderers. We get the occasional fun puzzle of looking at photos which look similar, like that memory game of flipping over cards and matching the same photo. Take, for instance, the photo of Gisela (itsgisela_) who is comfortably sitting in the MIDDLE of the road with this caption “relaks lang, darating din ang bus.” Another one of the wonderful buwis-buhay fun selfies, we thought (don’t be fooled, however, in thinking that there are no vehicles passing this way…this is a road in Oslob, Cebu, now a busy place because of people wanting to see the butanding). Look at this photo (click photo to enlarge): Continue reading Photo of the Day: Oslob Road

Photo of the Day: Waves of Baler

We haven’t been to Baler but we know it’s one of the favored destinations by surfers because of its big waves. It’s really understandable for people to assume that because we’ve mentioned Baler, we’ll be featuring a surfboard on the beach, or a surfer gracefully navigating (is that how it’s called?) the powerful waves, or a beautiful wipeout. We’ve seen a lot of those photos and we’ll definitely feature some of them in the weeks to come (do tag us with your surfing photo, ok?). But before we feature the surfboards or the surfers, we’ll feature the waves. Feel free to please describe, for the benefit of the community, the waves of Baler (use the comment section below). Right now, we have this description from the lovely lady Amiel A (amieleima), shown running for her life from the Baler waves (ok, we’re just making up the running part): “10ft waves in rage! Swear it looks small from the shore but when you get closer it’s really huge!” Can’t see the 10-foot waves? Look closer at the photo below (click the photo to enlarge). Better still, go visit Baler! Travel time! Continue reading Photo of the Day: Waves of Baler

Photo of the Day: Fresh Coconut

The Philippines is the top producer of coconuts in the whole world (well, No. 1 or No. 2 depending on the list), which simply means, aside from the fact that the top producers of coconut water flock to this country, that Filipinos know how “fresh” looks and tastes like when it comes to coconuts. We find it hard to believe any bottle or container which has “fresh” written on it. If you want fresh coconut, you eat the fruit immediately after being harvested from the coconut tree. You don’t really need a spoon or any utensil. You fashion a device, right out of the coconut husk, that you use to scrape and scoop the coco meat, the same device you use like a spoon. How about the coco water, you ask? Well, no need for a cup or glass. A true coconut connoisseur knows how to slice a small hole through the husk/shell before opening the coconut in half. Anyway, we find it pleasantly amusing to see the biodegradable “device” — fashioned out of the coconut itself — from the instagram account of a fashion designer / fashion stylist, Jessica Joy Juaño (j4juano). And what’s better than eating really fresh coconut (we call “buko”)? Eating the coconut on a white beach somewhere in the Philippines. Here’s the photo (click to enlarge): Continue reading Photo of the Day: Fresh Coconut