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Photo of the Day: Beach, Boat, Sea and the Panglao Sky

Life is awesome, said the lovely fanne22, who snapped this beautiful photo while at the Bellevue Resort in Panglao, Bohol. For the most part, however, we easily forget how awesome life is, getting too caught up in our daily grind. We cease to appreciate the little pleasures, like the view of the gentle sea. As we navigate life’s endless ocean, we prefer to stay tied to the shore, preferring the safety of dry land as compared to the adventure — and risk — brought by exploring the vast sea. As beautifully phrased in the poem/prayer attributed to Sir Francis Drake: “Disturb us, Lord, when we are too well pleased with ourselves, when our dreams have come true because we have dreamed too little, when we arrived safely because we sailed too close to the shore…” Here’s the photo (click to enlarge): Continue reading Photo of the Day: Beach, Boat, Sea and the Panglao Sky

Photo of the Day: Waterfalls Challenge

Of all the amazing photos (and when we say a lot of amazing photos, we mean a LOT) of this lovely wanderer, Mitch de Juan (mitchibelss), this one of a majestic waterfalls caught our attention. The photo reveals a waterfalls in Batad, Ifugao province at the background, with Mitch in front, a raised arm and an accusing finger directed towards the waterfalls, as if saying, ____________. Yup, that’s a big blank. That’s exactly why the awesome photo (click to enlarge) pricked our attention. It’s the ultimate pop quiz material — what did the lady-wanderer say to the waterfalls? If you ask us, we’d go with our favorite: “Hey, you little drip! Wanna try my kung fu?” But that’s just us. Hit us with what you think Mitch said. Check her cool photo: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Waterfalls Challenge

Photo of the Day: Sulfur Soap, Anyone?

What alien planet is this?!” That was the first thing that entered our mind when we saw this photo. Well, at least that’s the stylized version of what initially crossed our mind, which is this: “Wow! Ganda! Yellow! Saan kaya ‘to?“). It’s a strange yellow world (probably not different when eating a pizza slice in Yellow Cab). We checked and realized that this out-of-this-world scene is really a sulfur vent in the majestic Mt. Apo, the Philippines’ highest peak. Now, look closer. What do you see? Yes, outside the alien sulphur vent is a brave member of the human species, identified by the intergalactic ig as Allan Rizare (allanrizare). He has a mysterious smile, just like the Mona Lisa (but we bet he’s just holding his breath, right, Allan?) That’s one totally awesome photo (click to enlarge). Look here: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Sulfur Soap, Anyone?

Photo of the Day: Long-Legged Philippines

We know that Dahilayan is lovelier because of its pine trees that can,  in the not too distant future, rival Baguio (making the zipline experience more magical).  While we know that the giraffes in the Philippines are found in the Calauit safari in Palawan, we didn’t know that there are replicas of these long-legged creatures in Dahilayan. It’s really a very lovely place (you guys should include it in your travel bucket list). So what happens when a traveler — like cozitsmeshiera, with her lovely photo featured here — decides to challenge the slender pine trees and the long-legged giraffes to a fun, uhm, stand-off? Here, check her cool photo: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Long-Legged Philippines

Photo of the Day: Photobomber of the Century

We don’t know if the concept of a photobomber is relatively new. Heck, we’re not even sure if it’s spelled as one word (photobomber) or two words (photobomb-er; kidding, photo bomber), so let’s just agree to use photobomber. From time to time, we see our friends complain in social media about a photobomber in a photo or two (it’s likely that you have been a “victim” of a photobomber). We recently came across a happy “victim” (the lovely Feiqueen Gunsatao, feiqueen89) of an unlikely photobomber — a fish, a not-so-shy Boracay fish. Here, check her cool photo: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Photobomber of the Century

Photo of the Day: Pinatubo Crater

When Mt. Pinatubo exploded in 1991, it was so huge and violent that whole towns were buried in volcanic debris. Lava scorched and burned everything on its path. The ash it spewed travel halfway around the world, lowering world temperature by one degree fahrenheit. Ash was so thick day become a moonless night. The rain brought by the incoming typhoon brought a torrent of ash/acid laced raindrops. Yet, years after the 1991 Pinatubo eruption, we hear adventure junkies, like the_intruderofficial, say that it’s his “type of skyline.” Really, seeing the beautiful stillness of Pinatubo at this time is hard to believe if we bring in the images of the 1991 eruption. It makes one reflect how Mother Nature produces something absolutely beautiful from a process that is utterly violent. Here’s the photo (click to enlarge) of the Pinatubo crater, courtesy of the_intruderofficial: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Pinatubo Crater

Photo of the Day: Beach, Coconuts and Boracay

Her heart, according to Aiza Aericka Benavidez (aizabenavidez) when she posted this photo of the coconut-framed beach of Station 1 in Boracay, is happy. We’ll, we can’t really argue with her. Bring us to Boracay, even with all its faults that have been pointed out by almost anyone, and we’ll still be happy (and we have the reasons why we still love Boracay). There are millions of photos of Boracay, one of the best beaches, if not the best beach, in the whole universe (ok, the whole world) but theres something different with this photo (click to enlarge), we thought. Imagine waking up to the sound of the ocean, then looking out to see coconut trunks framing the Boracay beach — it looks like a jail cell, with the Boracay beach sitting quietly behind bars, with nowhere to go. Now, isn’t that a lovely thought — the world’s best beach stuck with you. Here’s the photo: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Beach, Coconuts and Boracay

Photo of the Day: Pulag and I

“My type of skyline,” said Kleina Guillen (iannekleina) of her wonderful photo snapped by annaminpin. Mt. Pulag, with its cloud-covered slopes drenched by the warm morning sun, is absolutely beautiful. There are thousands, millions even, of photos of the majestic Mt. Pulag, each awesome photo deserving to be featured in any travel site. Perhaps we’ll find a way to gather all those photos in VisitPinas. We’ll find a way, someday. For now, we have iannekleina‘s photo (click to enlarge), with that certain look of solitude against a powerful mountain, that stance of willingness to conquer greater heights, set against a backdrop of stunning natural beauty. Lovely. Here’s the photo: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Pulag and I

Photo of the Day: Merging the Butanding Sea and Oslob Sky

The chase for the butanding, whether in the traditional Donsol or in Oslob, has one central character — the butanding or whale shark. Regardless of the camera used, whether underwater or above the water, and no matter what the pose of the traveler, it’s almost always about that spotted gentle giant. It’s rare that we see, while in the process of waiting for the butanding, something else to take center stage — the skyline; a merging of the sky and the sea. “My type of skyline,” said the lovely Myx Ignacio when she posted her awesome photo (click photo to enlarge). We can’t help but agree with her. Look at the photo: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Merging the Butanding Sea and Oslob Sky

Photo of the Day: Deep Thought

Our choice of photos cannot be based solely on what’s visually pleasing or appealing. Sometimes we have to step off the beaten track and check something a little different. It’s not our little discussion with Berna Daos (berna.bear, who shot the photo) whether this boat ride is in Alaminos or in Bolinao, considering that the accompanying photos point to the Hundred Islands found in Alaminos, Pangasinan. The photo (click to enlarge) is different because, while not visually arresting at first glance, it has a melancholic feel to it, slowly getting into you, making you pause and think. It’s like an itch that you just have to scratch — what on earth (or sea) is that person thinking about? A person in deep thought in deep sea. It’s like a photographic equivalent of Rodin’s “The Thinker” (or, uhm, closer to home, Anthony Castelo’s “Malayo ang Tingin”). Here’s the photo: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Deep Thought