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15 Most Favorite Comfort Food: Philippine Travel Stories

There was a time when we must take a photo of our food before anybody even thinks of touching it. Those days are gone. These days, we rarely feature food, even in travel stories. We’re going to change all that. Let’s start with the Top 15 Favorite Comfort Food, through the VisitPinas-tagged photos in Instagram. Continue reading 15 Most Favorite Comfort Food: Philippine Travel Stories

Meet Uncle Cheffy

It has been a long time, too long in the context of a wanderer’s world, since we last posted a full-length article, well, other than the photo of the day. It’s a confluence of factors, really. Busy with our day jobs (yes, dear, we have day jobs). Busy with the travel agency. Busy absorbing the joys of traveling. Largely, however, it’s a conscious decision not to write anything unless something — be it food, hotel, resort or anything related to travel — strikes the chord connecting our stomach, through our hearts and our typing fingers. We got excited, a bit, yes, to write again when we got reunited with Uncle Cheffy. Continue reading Meet Uncle Cheffy

Pizza and a Restaurant called Project Pie

It’s funny how kids use school “projects” as excuse to stay out late in the evening and, more importantly, to get more funds from their parents. It’s funny because parents already know about this, having used the modus operandi when they were kids themselves. Papunta ka pa lang pabalik na kami, some parents say. Indeed, it is said that everything we need to learn, we learned in kindergarten. Projects, fortunately, are not among those we learn in kindergarden. Imagine this: the made-up projects in school are the template for “ghost projects” in government. Imagine the project to consist of birthday cakes or, in the case of Project Pie, pizza. Continue reading Pizza and a Restaurant called Project Pie

Lunch at Amici and Gelato at Caramia

Pizza, pasta, gelato. Amici restaurant is obviously confident about the taste and quality of these food items, so much so that these three items have been incorporated in Amici‘s branding. We’ve noticed that right under the name are those three words — pizza, pasta, gelato. We found ourselves checking out each food item one fine afternoon.

If we have our way, we’d leave this post simply with photos. It’s difficult to come up with something to write about. Don’t get us wrong. The food is great and the ambiance warm, but there’s nothing to push our blogging fingers to nimbly complete this post. Or maybe we’re wrong.

Ok, here goes. Let’s start with something easy to write about — the food.

Roast Pork with Mango Marmelade. It’s surprising that this item doesn’t appear in Amici’s online menus. Or maybe it’s there except that it’s under it’s Italian name. We don’t know. What we know is that this roast pork, sliced to a perfect thickness (or thin-ness?), is a roast pork you don’t meet every day. It’s like bacon, only sliced a little thicker. Neutral taste, so make use of the mango marmelade.

Frutti di Mare pizza. The menu says it’s a delightful array of seafood favorites: squid, shrimp, mussels and clams. We say it’s indeed delightful.

Pollo Arrostito. Sounds like some debilitating illness, but it’s not. It’s “chicken, rosemary half chicken baked to perfection and served with veggies” to be exact.

Spaghetti White Vongole e Gamberetti Pasta. We know spaghetti and we know white. Vongole? Gamberetti? Again, let’s turn to the menu — it’s sauteed mixed seafood in olive oil, served with foccacia bread. Foccacia?

Yes, it’s frustrating. We’ve never been comfortable pretending to know the name of the dishes, that’s why we never bother to pretend. This is specially true when it comes to the name of Italian dishes.

Yes, we know the Sausage and Three Cheese Pizza of Amici. That’s easy to remember. We also can easily remember the menu items for Cara Mia. Gelato (we ordered Pistachio, Mango Jubilee, Cioccolato0 is not difficult to remember.

Yes, we know spaghetti and lasagna, pretty much just like everybody else. But spaghettig white vongole e gamberetti? Three things kept us along the path of lunch satisfaction when we went to Amici that day — the description in the menu, the recommendation of the staff as to their bestsellers, and our sense of adventure.

Aria Cucina Italiana in Boracay

The Aria Cucina Italiana, or simply ARIA, is “arguably the most popular and sought-after restaurant in Boracay since it’s inception in 2003.” Not only that. To bring the heat to another level, “a trip to one of the world’s most famous beach destinations is never complete without a visit to ARIA.” And those are not our words. Those are the statements of Aria itself. So the last time we went to Boracay, we dropped by Aria. Continue reading Aria Cucina Italiana in Boracay

The Cliffhouse (Tagaytay City)

Sometimes it’s difficult to decide which article to write first, in the same way that it’s painfully mind-boggling to decide which restaurant to prioritize in a certain cluster. Take, for instance, the higher-end alternative to the group of restaurants surrounding Leslie’s restaurant and Starbucks in Tagaytay. The cluster is called The Cliffhouse, just a few meters from Leslie’s. Continue reading The Cliffhouse (Tagaytay City)