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Photo of the Day: Sunrise at Calaguas Island (Camarines Norte)

Sunrise is just the other side of the coin’s sunset, both bringing a happy balance to life. As we noted in a previous article: “Maybe this is how we should look at life. The last moments of the sun, before the day ends, is bursting with color and beauty. Soon the sunlight will be no more. Darkness sets in. But we see no sadness in that. It’s beauty meant to be celebrated, lived to the fullest, fleshing out to what we say about sucking out all the marrow of life. It’s a source of hope that the sun will rise again, and day breaks with renewed vigor, and life begins. Every beginning is a step towards greater things.” Sunsets, we have lots of those. We had an entire article just for sunsets (The Beautiful Sunset of Calatagan). The Photo of the Day category has quite a number of sunset photos (Boracay, Puerto Galera, Zamboanga, Mactan and Balesin). Sunrise, on the other hand, is terribly under-represented here. One of the few sunrise purposely sought by people, at least the one we know, is the breathtaking sunrise of Mt. Pulag. We’ll add another one, this photo of the sunrise in Calaguas Island (Camarines Norte), captured by Karl Olivier, a UP alumnus, speech pathologist, blogger, movie reviewer, book and music lover, PWD advocate, marathoner, and explorer (follow his Instagram account, @karl_olivier). It’s difficult not to go mad, and dabble in the weird meaning-of-life stuff, after looking at this gorgeous photo. It’s like somebody out there, a Higher Being perhaps, has decided to celebrate life by exploding an intensely inspirational hue up in the sky, reflected and heightened on the serene surface of the sea. The good thing about it is, it’s done every day, and it’s free. The sad thing about it is, many of us are too busy to even notice. Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Sunrise at Calaguas Island (Camarines Norte)

Photo of the Day: Flying Turtles of Moalboal

Turtles can fly, said the guys who took this photo. And we believe them. Swimming, after all, is simply flying — in water. It’s all about perspective, really, in the same way that aircraft landing is simply a controlled manner of falling back to earth. It’s awesome to see these majestic creatures, these sea turtles, gracefully flying uderwater in a manner totally opposite to how clumsy they are on land. The guys who took this awesome shot, Turtle Bay Dive Resort (check their Instagram account, @turtlebaydiveresort), should know. They have a dive resort in Moalboal (perhaps we’ll see you one of these days in Moalboal, lads?). We know the turtles of Apo Island Marine Reserve, but, in all honesty, we didn’t know there are turtles in Moalboal, a town south of Cebu City; only goes to show that we need to push our boundaries and check the underwater scene. Diving is fun, we’ve heard that before and we’re trying to convince ourselves about that, but Steven Spielberg and his Jaws really ruined it for us. We’ll muster enough courage one of these days. Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Flying Turtles of Moalboal

Photo of the Day: Firedancing in Misibis Bay

Play with fire, the time-tested aphorism goes, and you’ll get burned. Holds true in life and relationships. Holds equally true with actual fire, but sometimes, just sometimes, some people train hard enough to master the fire dragon and play with it. And, boy, when they get the hang of it, they make it look so easy. This is why we have so much respect for fire dancers, this one captured in Misibis Bay (Bacacay, Albay) by Nix Gonzales (check and follow her Instagram account, @nix.gonzales). It’s a stunning sight to behold even if you’ve already seen it a million times. Tweak a little component of the experience, like the music or the beach on where it is performed, and you get an entirely different awesome show. Add good photography into the mix, just like what @nix.gonzales) accomplished in this shot, and you’ll have a memory that will last you through thick and thin. Firedancing also happens to be a source of living, like how we all earn from our work or professions, so next time you see a fire dancer do his/her stuff, give a generous tip. Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Firedancing in Misibis Bay

Photo of the Day: Travel as a Couple (Mt. Ugo, Itogon, Benguet)

Here’s something we don’t see often enough — a banker-adventurer, like henson. Imagine the exciting possibilities! No ship going to your island-destination? Let’s have a syndicated loan and buy a ship. Kidding aside, one’s profession doesn’t really matter when it comes to travel and adventure. We all have our day jobs. Travel keeps us sane. And the beautiful part about it all? Meaningful travel need not be expensive. Looking at this shot from henson (follow his instagram account, @henson_gc), the place looks ordinary (unless, of course, you factor in the fact that it’s in Mt. Ugo, Itogon, Benguet) but I swear the captured moment elevates my blood sugar. I’ll grow diabetes if I keep looking at this couple. Incidentally, before deciding if he/she is “The One“, go travel together. Climb a mountain or go on a very long drive. Ride buses and stay in offroad hotels. Travel long enough and you’ll discover what your partner is really made of. While the Romans would say in vino veritas, we believe that in travel, may forever. Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Travel as a Couple (Mt. Ugo, Itogon, Benguet)

Photo of the Day: Misty Gulugod-Baboy (Anilao, Batangas)

The mist disorients a lot of people; almost all, perhaps. It clogs our normal perception of depth in this world. On top of a mountain, it covers what is normally a breathtaking panorama that should continually tickle our sense of beauty as we scan the horizon from side to side. But the mist, or fog, oftentimes forces us to focus on what’s in front of us, to focus on the journey more than what lies at the end of the trek. Imagine climbing Mt. Gulugod-Baboy, expecting to see the rolling hills overlooking the sea in Anilao, Batangas. Imagine seeing a white wall of fog, covering the view. We don’t know how thick the mist gets in Anilao, but we can imagine the fog of Tagaytay that lifts as the sun rises, giving back the majestic view of Taal Lake. But, imagine — you get to the top with no photo to share with the world, just the sheer joy of the trek. That would be awesome. A traveler without a selfie, just the satisfaction of the adventure. Any photo of the moment would just be a bonus, and fortunately for Neon Ibanez, he got lucky that day  (check his Instagram account, @neonbytesxx, but be warned that you may not want to leave because of the nice photos). Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Misty Gulugod-Baboy (Anilao, Batangas)

Photo of the Day: Hide and Seek, Butanding

Remember your childhood, playing all sorts of crazy games? If you recall traditional games or “parlor games” like patintero, you’re most likely a child of the 80s and below. If your recollection of crazy games involves an electronic gadget, from cellphones and tablets and PS4, you’re probably a millenial, also known as a hi-tech couch potato. In any case, we’d like to believe that anyone with a fun childhood knows hide and seek. It’s really easy — everybody hides, one unlucky soul seeks everyone (or mom hides the cookies, you go figure out where it’s stashed). And in the game of hide and seek, there’s always one kid who’s too “healthy” for his own good, who’d stick out no matter how he tries to squeeze himself in some corner or behind the curtain. It’s an easy find, really; easier to hide a huge cargo truck from the traffic enforcers. Continue reading Photo of the Day: Hide and Seek, Butanding

Photo of the Day: How’s your Sunset?

Not all things are created equal. The equality in nature lies in the exposure to the same elements. What one makes of it, how one deals with it, enhances the inequity. Take sunsets, for instance. We all experience sunsets. But not all sunsets are created equal. The sunset of Boracay, or along Manila Bay or the golden sunset of Batangas is different from your sunset. The sunset of Banaue is equally different. On top of the mountains, overlooking the clouds, chilled by cold breeze, and closer to heaven, this Banaue sunset stands on a different plane, literally and figuratively. I mean, c’mon, look at those rich colors. Rich but muted. It’s like Pia Wurtzbach wearing plain white shirt and jeans — you see something universally beautiful, earthly beautiful rather, but you know there’s something more. Perhaps we can ask the one who took the photo, the lovely JM Diaz (visit and follow her instagram account, @jayeeemm), how this sunset is different. Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo of the Day: How’s your Sunset?

Photo of the Day: No Problem at Malalison Island, Antique

It’s been months since we’ve posted the last Photo of the Day and a lot has happened since then. To metion a few, we now have a Miss Universe, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, after more than 40 years, and the Christmas season has just passed. No suprise that for a lot of us, January is a difficult time, with that extra weight and all. So what better way to start the year by featuring something light — very light that it (or she) floats. On water. In paradise. Around Malalison Island, Antique. I’m talking about this awesome photo by Den Marie Balingit, who loves Pinas, she says and clearly looks like it (visit and follow her instagram account, @travelniden). I mean, wow! Just by looking at the photo, you’ll feel the gentle sting of the tropical sun on your exposed skin, the burn beautifully soothed by the rhythmic tumult of tiny cool waves that frolic on the white sand below. Anybody who consumed enough fats and calories over the holidays will definitely float, no problem. All you have to do is kick up, spread your arms, rest your head on the water, and let go of anything that burdens you. It’s paradise, you see. And we have plenty of those right here in the Philippines. So, still wonder why #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines? Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo of the Day: No Problem at Malalison Island, Antique

Photo of the Day: Mactan Moon

It’s not easy to take a photo of the moon. Well, yes, it’s easy to snap a photo of the sky with that glowing sphere somewhere in the shot, but capturing a nice view is a challenge. Either the shot is focused almost entirely on the moon, seeing all its arteries and pimples, like this one, or, with the moon just a blob of light, focused on the surroundings. We still have to learn the perfect trick to take a nice photo of the moon. Whatever the reason is for our own inability to capture a nice lunar moment, and perhaps because of this inability, we always appreciate a good shot when we see one. Yes, there are technically sound shots, but we better appreciate an unprepared travel shot which would almost always require the stars to align and the traveler to be ready. We’ve always said that it’s difficult, for some reason, to gaze up and appreciate the moon while confined in and around city skyscrapers. Go out to the edges of the Philippine islands (and that, ironically, could be a stone’s throw away from the city) and you’ll see the moon draped in all its background glory. There’s a time of the day when total darkness has not yet fully descended, when the sky still has remnants of the sunny blue. There’s that moment when a boat zips through the blue sea, the view framed by the white-laced tropical island silhouette, sliced through the middle by a streaking dull streak of lunar yellow, just like how a master chef uses a sharp edge to turn a straight squirt of sauce into an artistic culinary smudge. It’s not surprising that when we saw this photo of the moon over Mactan Island (Cebu) by Shan -— who practices Aesthetic Medicine and enjoys experiencing beauty, passion and joy around the world — we got hooked (check her Instagram account, @chefjade, for more photos). Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Mactan Moon

Photo of the Day: Kawasan Falls

We’ve seen a few waterfalls and we’ve heard about the Kawasan Falls in Cebu, but we haven’t seen a photograph like this one, courtesy of Michael Credo (check his Instagram account, @i_am_laagan for more photos). We’ve also seen tons of selfies, or groufies in this instance, but this one is not too obvious. We didn’t notice the selfie stick until later. It beautifully blends with the bamboo raft used to bring the guests under the waterfalls. Imagine that, the perfect water massage with your friends. And the fun thing about it? You really can’t tell anyone to soften the pressure or lower the volume of water. Either you make it or you don’t. This one is for hardcore wanderers, not for whiners. We’ve tried this crazy dare in Pagsanjan and we can say that it’s definitely not for the weak of heart and definitely not for those who have thin skin (or low pain threshold). It’s like a heard of cows, some small and some huge, happily stomping all over your back. It’s fun, really. So, next time you’re in Cebu, go find Kawasan Falls, try to get an awesome photo, and tag us so we can tell the world about it. Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Kawasan Falls