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Food Tag and Philippine Destinations: Photo of the Day

We would love to feature all Instagram photos tagged with #visitpinas, if we only could, but limitations of time and space force us to pick a few. We’ve noticed a number of resorts, hotels, restaurants and other Philippine destinations tag #visitpinas in their Intagram posts, and we can’t go further without noticing them. These are really brave establishments — you don’t put yourself out there, given the immediate backlash of social media, unless you’re certain of the q uality of what you have to offer. We’ll probably do this on a regular basis. Let’s start with food, then expand to the beautiful sceneries posted by Philippine destinations. Continue reading Food Tag and Philippine Destinations: Photo of the Day

Summer in October: Photo of the Day

Yes, it’s pretty much smelling a lot like Christmas. A lot of places are now deep in winter snow. Ah, winter, that time of year when snow is a-plenty and Jack Frost tickles your, uhm, nose. But what if I tell you that somewhere, in a magical place called the Philippines, the summer sun still shines blazing bright in October — even deep in December? You don’t believe us? Take a close look at this photo by Charity Grace (check her Instragram acount, @iamcharitygrace_, for more photos), who spent some quality vacation time at Panglao Island, Bohol. See that beach? Those smiles? The sun? Yes, what she said is true: it’s still summer in October. Click the photo to enlarge.

Continue reading Summer in October: Photo of the Day

Gas Station Toilet: More Fun in the Philippines

Bohol is now more than the Chocolate Hills, the heavenly white beach of Panglao Island, the tarsier, the Loboc River cruise, the old churches, the man-made forest and other attractions. It now hosts one of the MOST important needs of any serious traveler — the toilet. Call it what you want — comfort room, restroom, or any other name — but it’s ideally a place of peace and comfort. We know, of course, that a clean toilet is a rarity for travelers on the road (but, mind you, seasoned travelers can do it the “natural” way). Imagine a CLEAN toilet. Imagine a CLEAN and ELEGANT toilet of a gas station. Now, stop imagining and go to Bohol. You’ll find this SHELL station (yes, we have to emphasize that it’s a Shell station as a token of appreciation for a gas station that takes a little from its billions of profits and gives back to motorists in the form of an ACTUAL, REAL clean toilet). We haven’t seen something like this, which is why we have this story about toilets. We hope other Shell stations follow suit. We hope ALL other gas stations follow soon (tell us which gas station has done so and we’ll feature them). Here, watch this video courtesy of Filipino-Canadian Jason Godfrey: Continue reading Gas Station Toilet: More Fun in the Philippines

Sea and Sand at the Bohol Beach Club

There’s a reason, or “reasons” to be precise, why the Philippines is considered a destination to watch in 2013 by a reputable international travel magazine, Conde Nast, which noted that “the Philippines has around 7,000 of the most heavenly islands in the world.” One of those islands is Panglao Island, a stone’s throw from, and an administrative adjunct of, the province of Bohol. Continue reading Sea and Sand at the Bohol Beach Club

Your Bet on the Best Philippine Beach

There’s no doubt that the Philippines has some of its beaches in the best beaches of the world. There’s also no doubt that Boracay is in that list, although many beaches have given Boracay a run for its money (definitely Palawan, Camiguin, Panglao, Zambales, and other places we’re sure you’ll tell us). So since it’s summer, you’ll most likely head out for some sand and sea. We’d like to know which beach is your best bet. Continue reading Your Bet on the Best Philippine Beach

Clear Waters of Panglao Island, Bohol

It’s easy to say a place is a paradise. It’s easier to say a place is overrated. Between these two characterization lies the waters of Panglao Island. Don’t get me wrong, though, it’s totally incorrect to say that’s equivalent to being ordinary. For the waters of Panglao is far from being ordinary. Continue reading Clear Waters of Panglao Island, Bohol

Map: Panglao Island and Bohol, Philippines

How to get there? Map and directions for Panglao Island, located in the province of Bohol, as well as the whole province of Bohol, Philippines. Click the pink balloons to see location of the man-made forest, Chocolate Hills, Loboc River. Related post here and hereClick here for more information on how to effectively use map. Please wait while the map loads. . . Continue reading Map: Panglao Island and Bohol, Philippines