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The Slappy Cakes of Eastwood City

Fun. This is the main reason why we’ve always wanted to try Slappy Cakes since it opened in 2013. We’ve know from the start that it’s all about choice — choosing the pancake batter, choosing the toppings, choosing how big the pancake is, and choosing how cooked the pancake would be. Of course, it would been more fun if we’ve chosen to visit the very first Slappy Cakes store in the Philippines, the one found in Eastwood City. Still, as they say, good things come to those who wait. Continue reading The Slappy Cakes of Eastwood City

Regal Red Velvet Pancake at Pancake House

Almost anyone we know has a strong opinion of how red velvet should look and taste like. For our part, our palates have bumped into the red velvet of Sonja and the Vanilla Cupcake Bakery. So we could just imagine the level of confidence of Pancake House when it decided to offer the Regal Red Velvet pancake. Continue reading Regal Red Velvet Pancake at Pancake House

FlapJacks at UP-AyalaLand TechonoHUB

Before anything else, allow me to apologize for the very limited number of photos posted here. I got carried away going through the menu, making our order, then attacking my corned beef breakfast at FlapJacks. We were supposed to meet at 8:30 in the morning, but then we got stuck in traffic and arrived at 9:30 — starved already. My order came in last and before I could say wait, they’ve disturbed the presentation of their food with spoons and forks. Continue reading FlapJacks at UP-AyalaLand TechonoHUB