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Bird’s-Eye View of Huma Island Resort & Spa: Photo of the Day

We recently came across something new (for us, at least, in the context of social media) — a service company that invites visitors to “discover the Philippine Islands, like never before,” with the unique option of flying their “seaplanes, landplanes and helicopters to your next adventure.” What we love about it, is that this entity, Air Juan, has an instagram account, complete with awesome photos (check its Instagram acount, @airjuan.philippines, for more photos) to showcase the beauty of the Philippines from the less usual perspective. Sure, Palawan is beautiful. Yes, the Huma Island Resort & Spa in Busuanga, Palawan, is absolutely gorgeous. But looking at the bird’s-eye view of Huma Island, as in this photo courtesy of Air Juan, is an entirely different matter. So if you’ve recently tried  Air Juan, share your photo with us so we can, in turn, share it with the world. As we always say, visit the Philippines, tell the world what’s beautiful about ‘Pinas. Click the photo to enlarge. Continue reading Bird’s-Eye View of Huma Island Resort & Spa: Photo of the Day

Happy Giraffe at Calauit Safari (Palawan): Photo of the Day

It’s dark and rainy today in Metro Manila, but we’re not at all gloomy because, for one, we have enough Philippine sunshine in our travel memory bank and, more importantly, we know very well that the sun shines abundantly crisp somewhere in the rest of the islands. We won’t be surprised that the giraffes of Calauit Safari in Palawan are happily lounging under the morning sun, lazily munching on their favorite leaves, with visitors and tourists safely tucked somewhere in the scene — too close for comfort, at times, as we see in this photo by Anne (check her Instragram acount, @bae__con, for more photos). Look for her, she’s somewhere beautifully camouflaged in that photo. So, next time you visit Palawan, remember that it offers more than great beaches and amazing underwater sights. Go island hopping, as you should do when in Palawan, with the Calauit Safari as one of the stops. Enjoy! Click the photo to enlarge.

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Cold Ex and Beer in Hot El Nido: Photo of the Day

The reason why people travel is as diverse as their individual personalities. Some travel for business, some for pleasure, still some a combination of both. Some travel together with family or his/her significant other. On the other hand, there are those who travel to forget a special someone, a way to wash away the pain with each caress of the wave on the white beaches of El Nido in Palawan. Now, if you’re one of those, traveling with a scarred heart, you may encounter some reminders in  El Nido, taken good or bad depending on your level of humor. There’s this signage of Sun Bar, tucked on some coconut somewhere in El Nido, which says, “”We serve cold drinks here as cold as your ex.” Bato-bato sa langit, ang tamaan wag magalit. Have fun forgetting! Photo courtesy of Gianelli (check her Instragram acount, @ille.gian, for more photos). Click the photo to enlarge.

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Best of Both Worlds at El Nido, Palawan: Photo of the Day

The natural beauty of the Philippines makes us giddy, every time — a feeling, we’re sure, is shared by other wanderers. The thought of hogging the richness of the scene all to ourselves never entered our restless brains; more of “we wish our photos can do justice to the view so others can also see how amazing the Philippines is.” This, in the first place, is the reason for the creation and existence of this blog. This is also the reason why we’ve decided to have Photos of the Day, simply because each traveler has a unique view of the country’s beauty, like this awesome shot by charlynfaith (check her Instagram account, @peytfull, for more beautiful photos). We can only imagine the utter fun of enjoying both worlds above ground and underwater, in El Nido, Palawan. Amazing. Beautifully amazing. Click the photo to enlarge. Continue reading Best of Both Worlds at El Nido, Palawan: Photo of the Day

Sizzle in Maquinit Hot Spring (Coron, Palawan): Photo of the Day

She hasn’t been everywhere,  Edith Vitug says, but she’s planning on it.  We know that’s a tall order, with day jobs and time needed to visit more than 7,100 lovely islands of the Philippines, but, hey, hope springs eternal. And talking of springs, in the awesome island of Coron (Palawan), you’ll find the ONLY known saltwater hot spring in the Philippines and in Asia, among the few in the whole world. We’ve tried it and it’s not really sizzling hot, just enough to sooth your body and spirit after soaking the wonders of Coron during the day, but you can coyly sizzle in it, even at night, as shown in this photo by Edith Vitug  (visit her instagram site, @dithvitug, for other beautiful photos). Click photo to enlarge. Continue reading Sizzle in Maquinit Hot Spring (Coron, Palawan): Photo of the Day

The Smiling Hammock of Sabang, Puerto Princesa: Photo of the Day

We asked our kid what pops in his mind the first time he saw this photo. His answer is, uhm, brilliant: “I don’t know. A hammock?” Yes, it’s a hammock, silly, but look closer. Try this — smile, then squint your eyes and look at the photo, you’ll actually see the tropical universe smiling back at you. You don’t see it? Try opening your mind. The beauty of travel, as in photography, is the option to see the bigger picture or the focused view, even at the same time, and to see what is there or to see with one’s imagination. This no-frill hammock is daring us to kick our feet up, take time off from the daily grind, and relax. We hear the soft, salty breeze and Bobby McFerrin crooning “don’t worry, be happy.” Fortunately for us, Mike Plana graciously agreed that we feature this photo he snapped in Sabang, Puerto Princesa, Palawan (check his Instagram account for more awesome photos). So, going back, look at the photo again and tell us what you see. Click the photo to enlarge. Continue reading The Smiling Hammock of Sabang, Puerto Princesa: Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day: Picture-Perfect Palawan (El Nido)

The Philippines has tons of beautiful places to go and gorgeous sights to see, all naturally colorful, that it blurs the distinction between edited and unedited photo. Look at this photo, for instance, courtesy of Ei/lys/uh Kyle Corpuz (an explorer and food lover, check her Instagram account, @ek_corpuz). It’s a nice groufie somewhere in El Nido, Palawan. We can all agree that this shot has gone through the normal photo processing; we believe almost all digital cameras/phones nowadays automatically processes the shots. The problem with a lot of Philippine shots, however, is not that the shots are normally processed — the real problem is that the photos don’t capture the real crispness of the colors in real life. You’ll realize this if you go to Palawan or Sagada, or practically in every picture-perfect corner of the Philippines. And the real beauty is watching the Philippines at a different angle, like this photo. It gives a fresh perspective to a wonderful country that we Filipinos see on a daily basis and, as a result, almost always take for granted. Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Picture-Perfect Palawan (El Nido)

Photo of the Day: The Underwater Wall

We admire the brave souls who have the courage to face the deep sea and everything that lurks in its darkness. Ok, we’re exagerrating, we know, probably a result of watching too much suspense movies with the ocean/sea as the backdrop. We’re fish out of water, so to speak, when it comes to diving. But we have lots of friends who go diving and we’ve seen countless photos/videos showing the sheer beauty of underwater life. Take, for instance, this photo by Anna Arancon-Milan (annaamilan) — a digital marketer, ocean lover and smile advocate — of a freediver (your husband, Anna?) at the Barracuda Lake in Coron, Palawan. Gorgeous view, don’t you agree? Click to enlarge the photo: Continue reading Photo of the Day: The Underwater Wall

Photo of the Day: Coconut in Paradise

We don’t know why, but we find a simple sight — like a coconut aimlessly floating in the sea– absolutely interesting. And beautiful. Perhaps it’s about the thought of how amazing it is for coconuts to float across oceans and grow in a small island in the middle of nowhere. Perhaps it’s the parallelism of how, in the greater scheme of things, our lives reflect the randomness of the coconut’s fate (except for the fact that coconuts don’t make decisions). Perhaps it’s because this particular coconut, here immortalized in a photo snapped by CJ (carmen_jean25, a lady who loves coffee and art, and hopes to write and illustrate books someday), is floating near an island that was formally recognized as the best in the world earlier this year: Palawan. Or perhaps it’s all about the strong sense of wonder that is common among fellow wanderers, the same outlook that enables wanderers to find happiness in the journey itself and not only the destination. We can’t really put a finger on it, as we said. Here, look at this photo (click photo to enlarge) and tell us what comes through YOUR mind: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Coconut in Paradise

Photo of the Day: Cliffhanger in El Nido

You’ve probably heard about the “little” news that the gorgeous beach paradise of Palawan has been cited as the BEST in the whole WORLD by a travel magazine. You probably have been there yourself and can personally vouch how lovely this tropical paradise is. We’ve been to certain areas of Palawan but we truly believe that we can’t see all of it in one lifetime. We’ve stumbled on two fellow wanderers who took home beautiful souvenirs of El Nido. Here’s the more interesting part — we think (of course, we could be wrong, so please feel free to confirm our mistake or confirm if we’re correct) that these photos were taken in the same spot, the reason why, for the second time since we’ve been doing the #PhotoOfTheDay, this space is shared by two individuals (click photo to enlarge): Continue reading Photo of the Day: Cliffhanger in El Nido