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The Lovely Sunset of Punta Bulata (Cauayan, Negros Occidental): Photo of the Day

“Sunsets in the Philippines will always be beautiful,” says Maanyag na Kabuhi in her photo below (the phrase, she explains, means “life is beautiful” in Hiligaynon; check her Instagram acount, @maanyagnakabuhi, for more photos). We don’t doubt that. We love sunsets and while not all sunsets are created equal, sunsets are equally beautiful across the Philippine archipelago. This poster-perfect sunset was captured in Punta Bulata Resort of Cauayan town, around 154 kilometers south of Bacolod City. We really can help but smile while looking at it. The golden sun waving goodbye, the contrast of the darkening sky, the bent coconut trees — all merge to give a sense of serenity in a tropical paradise. Beautiful! Click the photo to enlarge. Continue reading The Lovely Sunset of Punta Bulata (Cauayan, Negros Occidental): Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day: Turtle Dude

What would you do if you get punched by someone? Yes, you’ll most likely fight back or, if that person happens to be Manny Pacquiao, complain to the authorities. Now, what happens if you go snorkeling and, while in the process of enjoying the underwater scene, you get punched by — of all creatures of this world — a sea turtle? What would you do? We must admit the question made us pause for a second or two. Our kababayan, Rizza Diaz (rizzadiaz), bravely fought back by, well, taking photos and sending a lot of love to the cool turtle dude. She was in Apo Island, she said, and we had to do a little bit of sleuthing to learn that it’s the Apo Island Marine Reserve in Negros Oriental. Oh, you want proof of the sea turtle encounter? Here’s the photo (click photo to enlarge): Continue reading Photo of the Day: Turtle Dude

Photo of the Day: Perth Paradise Resort

We usually indicate the location in the title of our posts, but we’re making an exception for this post because we’re going to play a game. All you have to do is take a look at the photo (courtesy of jepoyme; click the photo to enlarge), then tell us the locality where the shot is most probably taken. Game? Ok, your guess? Hundred Islands in Pangasinan? Same guess we made. And we were wrong (the white swimming pool led us to think that it’s a cross between the Hundred Islands and Bellaroca). This is a photo at the Perth Paradise Resort located in Sipalay, Negros Occidental. Continue reading Photo of the Day: Perth Paradise Resort