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Photo of the Day: Conquest

When was the last time you’ve gone through hell and back, chasing something which you’ve sought for the longest time and worked so hard to achieve? When was the last time when you’ve conquered your dragon? Do you remember the feeling? Yes, you can. But can you explain it to us? No, you can’t. Not even G.R.R. Martin or J.K. Rowling, in our humble opinion, can explain the feeling. You’re better off capturing the moment, the emotions, in a photograph. The background heights of Nagsasa Cove, even farther than Anawangin Cove of Zambales, was the dragon to be conquered by @carlos_sapatero. Those tightly clenched fists at the end of those fully outstretched arms, supported by knees that pay tribute to the very ground conquered by sweat, is something you’ll see in someone with pure passion. It’s the passion you’ll find in an etrepreneur, a craftsman, an engineer, an adventurer and a whiskey lover, all rolled into one, @carlos_sapatero. It’s the kind of passion that we aspire for in this one-way rough road called life. It’s the kind of passion we rightly expect from others. Nothing less. Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Conquest