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Photo of the Day: Astronaut On Duty

“Pint-sized dreamer” from Metro Manila. That’s how celarban describes herself. Nope, she’s not in that astronaut suit, a cool item in display at the Mind Museum. She’s celarban, a lady with a self-confessed hang-over from the movie Interstellar and a dream to escape to the stars with “you” — whoever that special someone is (or will be). Anyway, we’ve been to the Mind Museum a couple of times and we won’t mind coming back for more. It’s a destination that we highly recommend for kids and adults alike (but school children will enjoy this more). One day is really not enough to fully explore and enjoy the entire museum.  We’ve seen the astronaut display and the outer space section. We have photos of each, but we never, ever figured out taking a photo of the astronaut with the stars on the ceiling, like what celarban did. For that sharp eye alone, she deserves to be featured. It looks amazing! Here’s the photo (click photo to enlarge): Continue reading Photo of the Day: Astronaut On Duty

BenCab Museum (Baguio City)

On the art and artists, we all have our opinions and stereotypes. And like art itself, these opinions are distilled from our own experience. Our view of the art, and of beauty itself, varies in accordance with the diverse worlds that we come from. A true master will always see art differently from, say, an avid art collector, much more a set of avid wanderers like us who are merely casual lovers of art. Continue reading BenCab Museum (Baguio City)

Revisiting Museo Pambata (Manila City)

The world is confusing, no doubt about it. Sometimes we want places to stay the same. Other times we want something new in the places that we visit again. The first time we visited Museo Pambata, the kids had fun. A couple of visits to this kid-friendly establishment in Manila City, it stayed the same. That’s why we were pleasantly surprised to see new additions when we revisited the Museong Pambata over the long holy week weekend. Continue reading Revisiting Museo Pambata (Manila City)

Feed your Brain at The Mind Museum

A museum, for you, evokes what kind of images and what kind of emotions? Allow us to start off with the following guesses. A museum is a place where really old artifacts are kept and displayed. It’s a place where you can only view these artifacts, cordoned or sealed for protection, from a distance. It’s a boring place, except to those who have a deep love for the subject (or pretend to do so). These things may true of other museums, but definitely not The Mind Museum. Continue reading Feed your Brain at The Mind Museum

Around the Philippines at Nayong Pilipino (Clarkfield, Pampanga)

We’ve been repeatedly told to enjoy something while it’s there, a variant of the cliche which goes, “You’ll never know the value of something until it’s gone”. The Nayong Pilipino was one example. It had been operating for around 30 years beside the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), adjacent to the former Mercure Hotel Philippine Village, yet we never got the chance to visit it. We thought it was gone and we’ll never get to see a showcase of Philippine landmarks and culture in one site. Continue reading Around the Philippines at Nayong Pilipino (Clarkfield, Pampanga)

Experiencing History at Museo Ilocos Norte

Places that have a deep sense of history, and pride in that history, often have museums. I could be wrong, of course, but that’s how I see it. We have the the more serious National Museum and the meant-to-be-experienced Museong Pambata. We also have museums dedicated to a specific person, like the Marcos Museum (Batac), Crisologo Museum  (Vigan) and the Syquia Mansion Museum (Vigan). Continue reading Experiencing History at Museo Ilocos Norte

Mall of Asia Revisited and the Science Discovery Center

In the original text of the previous article on SM Mall of Asia, we mentioned something about not going back to the SM Mall of Asia again, ever. It has something to do with being lost in a huge place, the chaotic parking area and the fact that the Mall of Asia, or oftentimes called MOA, had just opened. I came back to the MOA many times since then, I must confess, and each visit has its pleasant surprises. Continue reading Mall of Asia Revisited and the Science Discovery Center

Museong Pambata (Manila City)

It’s funny how parents would go far and wide just to bring their kids to some place magical. Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Splash Island in Binan, Laguna. Ocean Adventure in Subic Bay. But at the heart of Metro Manila, just beside the Manila Ocean Park and opposite the Luneta Park, is a place specifically created primarily for kids — the Museo Pambata. Continue reading Museong Pambata (Manila City)