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Pretty in Orange: Philippine Travel Stories

There’s something mesmerizing about orange or any its shades and related hues. Fiery and sexy, yet serene and wholesome at the same time. We’ve featured a lot of those hues, VisitPinas-tagged photos in Instagram. We’ve found a whole lot of those beautiful hues and it’s a sin not to feature the rest of those Philippine travel photos. So, here we go. Continue reading Pretty in Orange: Philippine Travel Stories

Climb Every Mountain: Philippine Travel Stories

Mountain climbing is fast becoming a favorite outdoor activity of Filipino travelers, so much so that we lost count of the mountaineering photos featured in VisitPinas. We can probably add more photos in the future but, for now, let’s check out the fun shots of how these trekkers seem to get there. Continue reading Climb Every Mountain: Philippine Travel Stories

Hiking through the Rain in Mt. Binacayan (Rodriguez, Rizal): Photo of the Day

We’ve featured a favorite hiking trail close to Manila, Mt. Pamitinan, located in the nearby in Rodriguez (formerly Montalban), Rizal. We know that it’s a nice place for mountain climbing and mountain biking, as well as swimming around Wawa Dam and rock climbing on its limestone cliffs. However, we completeley forgot that Mt. Pamitinan is simply half of the story. According to folklore, a giant named Bernardo Carpio had to stand in the middle, foreover, and push two mountains apart. The colliding mountains are Mt. Pamitinan and Mt. Binacayan. fast forward to the modern times, mountaineers often attack the two mountains in one trek, spending around half day for each. Photo courtesy of Tomas sa Pilipinas, who says he goes where the wind blows but, for this photo, where the rain goes. Check his Instagram acount, @_tomdaily, for more awesome photos. Click the photo to enlarge. Continue reading Hiking through the Rain in Mt. Binacayan (Rodriguez, Rizal): Photo of the Day

Chilling with a View at Mt. Pamitinan: Photo of the Day

We’ve seen photos, particularly those taken at insane heights with people standing on the edge of something, that made our palms sweat. Today’s featured photo is not on the absolute extreme side, but it still made our task difficult, typing on the keyboard with sweaty hands. Sure, it would be nice to chill with an awesome view, like in Mt. Pamitinan, or to say, quoting Rasty Sanchez (check his Instagram acount, @rastyismyname, for more photos) captured sitting on Mt. Pamitinan‘s ledge, that: “You cannot keep running away from your fears. At some point in life you will have to build up courage to face and overcome them.” Nice thoughts, really. But we’d probably do that kind of meditating in some coffeeshop, or some mountain or sea resort with our feet firmly planted on the ground. Would you do it, hang out (pun intended) at Mt. Pamitinan? Click the photo to enlarge. Continue reading Chilling with a View at Mt. Pamitinan: Photo of the Day

Conquering Mt. Pamitinan: Photo of the Day

We’ve featured quite a number of mountain summits in this blog, but we won’t get tired of it. Doesn’t get boring. Each summit is differently beautiful (with a heart) and, more importantly, the exhiliration each climber gets is equally different. We’ve noticed, though, that ladies love to wear pink when assaulting the summit, perhaps a statement that women are on par with men in mountaineering. “Gorgeously tough,” as Ria puts it in her Instagram profile (her photo featured her; check her Instagram acount, @avariaarian, for more photos). There’s understandable pride in reaching the summit, and there’s no shame in showing it. It’s that sense of pride, personal satisfaction, and boundless exhiliration that is evident in this photo by Ria, conquering Mt. Pamitinan, located in Brgy. Wawa, Rodriguez (formerly Montalban), Rizal. Click the photo to enlarge. Continue reading Conquering Mt. Pamitinan: Photo of the Day

Cloudy Mt. Ulap: Photo of the Day

Ulap, in Filipino, means cloud, so we won’t be surprised if a favorite mountaineering) destination, Mt. Ulap got its name from the blanket of clouds that cloaks the ridge, as shown in this photo from Joseph Poblete (check his Instagram acount, @sephlog). Beautiful and mysterious, isn’t it? Still, as they say about beauty, it’s something you strive for and work on. This is particularly true in mountain climbing, a sport not for the faint of heart. Mt. Ulap rises 1,846 meters in Itogon, Benguet, gauged by the Pinoy Mountaineer with a 3/9 level of difficulty. When you get fog or clouds, plus the low temperatures and strong wind in the area, you’ll probably need more than a thin yellow raincoat to keep you warm and get you going.  As Joseph puts it, using a familiar expression, #TheStruggleIsReal. Click the photo to enlarge. Continue reading Cloudy Mt. Ulap: Photo of the Day

Soul-Searching at Mt. Pulag: Photo of the Day

“Of beaches and mountains, and everything else in between,” says Cherry Suarez (check her Instagram acount, @cherrysuarez, for more awesome photos). Can’t blame her for the love of beaches and mountains. The Philippines, you see, has lots of those. One of the most breathtaking climbs, one perfect summit to commune with nature or even do some soul-searching, is Mt. Pulag. We’ve written quite a few about Mt. Pulag, and we can’t promise that we won’t add some more. It’s just gorgeous, absolutely beautiful. With an altitude of 2,922 metres (9,587 feet) at its peak, Mt. Pulag is the third highest mountain in the Philippines. That means you get to see the sunrise, the best time to hit the summit, above the clouds. How’s that for some serious soul-searching> Click the photo to enlarge. Continue reading Soul-Searching at Mt. Pulag: Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day: Magiting sa Mt. Guiting Guiting ng Romblon

When it comes to mountain climbing, we’re so much like Jon Snow — that guy who we thought would survive the killing spree of G.R.R. Martin, at least in the last season — we really know nothing. We never got past the planning stage. The initial planning, we hate to admit this, involves an easy trek to Mt. Pinatubo’s crater. Just a little heart condition, you see, and we understand that if something happens, it will be hours before medical assistance comes along, pretty much like what recently happened to a weekend climber at Mt. Pulag. We’ve heard a Pulag climb now requires a medical certificate. Really? That’s red tape, plain and simple. If we have a heart condition and we want to take the risk, require us to sign a waiver (which you guys require, anyway); not a medical certificate, for crying out loud. Anyway, sorry, we’re wandering off (pun intended). The heart of this post is this awesome photo by Jonathan Reales — a programmer, hiker, aspiring landscape/nature photographer, and a dreamer who believes “do it with passion or not at all” (follow his Instagram account, @rainbowchaser_ph). Cool. Looking at the tags of his photo, we gathered it’s G2 Romblom. Took us a while to find out that G2 is Mt. Guiting Guiting, a Romblon peak that has gained the respect of many mountaineers because of its level of difficulty. See? We know nothing. But we know we won’t be able to climb that mountain in this lifetime. Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Magiting sa Mt. Guiting Guiting ng Romblon

Photo of the Day: It’s the Climb

Imagine this: a cliff with a sheer drop of hundreds of feet and you’re holding on to a piece of rock near the edge. Fun? Yeah, we know. The thought alone makes our palms sweat like we’ve won a billion-peso lotto draw. This kind of nature adventure is not for the weak of heart (and, of course, weak muscles). Will we try it? You. . .bet. . .we. . .would. . .not! Well, in our minds, we won’t (are you out of your mind?), but it’s another story if we’d actually do it once we get there. We’ll probably do it. Traveling is partly about planning, more about seizing the moment. Just like this lovely lady, Lunuel Surriane Samonte (@lunuelsurriane, her instragram account in case you want to check other photos in her galllery), who, with her “to go to where I have never been” motto, shares the same spirit as Buzz Lightyear’s “to infinity and beyond!” and Charles Muntz’ “adventure is out there!” And, oh, by the way, we’ve featured photos of the Pico de Loro monolith and other peaks; photos showing the sweet success of reaching the peak. Lunuel’s featured photo, on the other hand, shows the sweet agony of getting there, an important aspect that must be celebrated. Travel, as we always say, is equally about the journey and the destination. Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo of the Day: It’s the Climb

Photo the Day: Women’s Month

Why the title, “Women’s Month”? Well, before we go there, let’s do a little detour. It’s no secret that we love the outdoors. Yes, yes, we love to cuddle in bed during weekends but, when the travel bug bites — and our bed teems with travel bugs — we don’t think twice in answering the call of nature, er, call of the outdoors. So it’s also no surprise that we’ve featured a number of photos with our kababayans on top of some rock with arms wide open. There’s Pico de Loro, the Parrot’s Beak, Batulao, and Osmena Peak, to name a few. There’s something terribly wonderful with such seemingly ordinary conquest. When we stumbled on the photo of Samantha Isabel Coronado (@followyouroad) — who happens to be a writer, entrepreneur, and life enthusiast — we immediately noticed the caption, “Because it’s #WomenMonth.” March is, of course, women’s month, and March 8, Women’s Day. Perhaps Samantha (or Isabel?) is trying to make a statement that women can reach new heights. Maybe. Let’s hear from her she drops by VisitPinas.  And perhaps while we’re at it, why don’t we trek to Norzagaray, Bulacan, where this rock formation is located, and experience how it feels to be up there. Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo the Day: Women’s Month