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Photo of the Day: Mactan Moon

It’s not easy to take a photo of the moon. Well, yes, it’s easy to snap a photo of the sky with that glowing sphere somewhere in the shot, but capturing a nice view is a challenge. Either the shot is focused almost entirely on the moon, seeing all its arteries and pimples, like this one, or, with the moon just a blob of light, focused on the surroundings. We still have to learn the perfect trick to take a nice photo of the moon. Whatever the reason is for our own inability to capture a nice lunar moment, and perhaps because of this inability, we always appreciate a good shot when we see one. Yes, there are technically sound shots, but we better appreciate an unprepared travel shot which would almost always require the stars to align and the traveler to be ready. We’ve always said that it’s difficult, for some reason, to gaze up and appreciate the moon while confined in and around city skyscrapers. Go out to the edges of the Philippine islands (and that, ironically, could be a stone’s throw away from the city) and you’ll see the moon draped in all its background glory. There’s a time of the day when total darkness has not yet fully descended, when the sky still has remnants of the sunny blue. There’s that moment when a boat zips through the blue sea, the view framed by the white-laced tropical island silhouette, sliced through the middle by a streaking dull streak of lunar yellow, just like how a master chef uses a sharp edge to turn a straight squirt of sauce into an artistic culinary smudge. It’s not surprising that when we saw this photo of the moon over Mactan Island (Cebu) by Shan -— who practices Aesthetic Medicine and enjoys experiencing beauty, passion and joy around the world — we got hooked (check her Instagram account, @chefjade, for more photos). Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Mactan Moon