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Probinsya and the City: The Sights of the Urban and Rural Philippines

We’ve featured tons of photos of beaches, mountains and the endless outdoors which abound in this tropical paradise. Of course, the Philippines offers more than the beautiful wonders of nature. We will slowly explore these beautiful sights, starting with selected photos of the probinsya (province, or rural setting) and the city, through the eyes of the #VisitPinas community in Instagram (do follow and invite your friends to create a more vibrant community. Continue reading Probinsya and the City: The Sights of the Urban and Rural Philippines

Flyby Pililla Windmills – Rizal Wind Farm: Photo of the Day

If you ask RaychRV to propose a surefire solution to the Metro Manila traffic mess, she’ll probably reply that the “fastest way to get around Manila” is a broomstick. Come to think of it, Harry Potter and his gang experienced absolutely no traffic problem in Hogwarts or anywhere they go, courtesy of the Nimbus 2000. We know J.K Rowling’s bestseller is a work of fantasy, but RaychRV (check her Instragram acount, @raych1009, for more photos) looks like she can do the same thing, while at the same time enjoying the view at the Pililla Windmills – Rizal Wind Farm located in Tanay, Rizal. You should try it sometime — no, not flying around the metro riding a broomstick, but snapping a cool shot while at the Pililla Windmills. Looks fun. Click the photo to enlarge. Continue reading Flyby Pililla Windmills – Rizal Wind Farm: Photo of the Day

Welcome to Quezon City: Photo of the Day

It’s amazing how we encounter something (or someone) on a regular basis, yet only have a superficial idea on what it is, or how beautiful it really is when viewed on a different light. Take the Welcome Rotonda, also known as the Mabuhay Rotonda, in Quezon City. It’s a roundabout at the border of Quezon City and Manila City, found at one one end of Quezon Avenue (Quezon City side) and Espana Avenue (Manila City side). People usually take it for granted, a traffic junction usually choked during peak hours. It’s a marble monument surrounded by four lions, marking the east, west, north and south corners. We didn’t know this interesting piece of information until today. We also didn’t know that the Welcome Rotonda can transform its unremarkable look into something majestic at night — captured with the right camera settings and at the right angles. Photo courtesy of Mark Villeza (check his Instragram acount, @markvilleza, for more photos). Click the photo to enlarge.

Continue reading Welcome to Quezon City: Photo of the Day

New Year Fireworks: More Fun in the Philippines

We’ve seen this amateur video — recorded in Metro Manila (Philippines, of course) when the clock struck 12 ushering in the New Year — immediately after it was posted in youtube, but didn’t repost it here. Not until now, anyway. The reason? We can’t decide whether we should be happy or sad about this sight. On one hand (no pun intended), we feel a lot of discomfort with the thought of injuries and pollution, among others, that surely come after the dust settles (or, more properly, after the fireworks smoke settles). On the other hand, there’s a weird side of us which is highly amused, giggling, at the sight of the non-stop explosions in EVERY part of the metro. The only other sight of fireworks that sufficiently moved us to write a post here in VisitPinas was the gold medal finish of the Philippines during the 2013 international fireworks competition (see video). Anyway, going back, let us know what you think of this kind of [fun] madness when it comes to New Year big bang, Philippine-style. There’s nothing like this in the whole world, we’ve heard. First, watch this video. Continue reading New Year Fireworks: More Fun in the Philippines

Photo of the Day: Light Traffic

We may make fun of traffic in Metro Manila but it’s one thing that will test your patience to the very edge. However, we’re not talking about normal traffic here. When we say “light traffic,” we mean the graceful flow of vehicle lights captured in beautiful night photography. It’s a skill that can be learned, yes, but it’s naturally a skill that doesn’t come with the mere purchase of the camera (or, in most instagram users, smart phones). We haven’t tried “traffic light” photography yet, so we’ll look at the cool photo by Mark Joseph Lalata (@mark.joseph.lalata; check his ig account for other nice photos). This intersection is near Quiapo Church (home of the Black Nazarene). The road at the bottom leads to Quezon City while the fork to the right goes up the Quezon Bridge, going to the Manila City Hall and the Manila Central Post Office. Click photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Light Traffic