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The Cliffhouse (Tagaytay City)

Sometimes it’s difficult to decide which article to write first, in the same way that it’s painfully mind-boggling to decide which restaurant to prioritize in a certain cluster. Take, for instance, the higher-end alternative to the group of restaurants surrounding Leslie’s restaurant and Starbucks in Tagaytay. The cluster is called The Cliffhouse, just a few meters from Leslie’s. Continue reading The Cliffhouse (Tagaytay City)

Massimo (Tagaytay)

Tagaytay is not exactly near Metro Manila, specially considering the added traffic brought about by the South Luzon Expressway [re]construction, and anyone must have a darn good reason to go up there. When somebody invited us to try Massimo’s, saying this “hidden” restaurant serves great Italian food, I figured that it’s reason enough to go back to Tagaytay. Continue reading Massimo (Tagaytay)