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Color and Tradition at the Dinagyang Festival (Iloilo): Photo of the Day

The Dinagyang Festival (from the Ilonggo word “dagyang,” or to make happy), is a festival celebrated in Iloilo City to honor the Santo Niño (Child Jesus) and commemorate the historical heritage of the place, with the original inhabitants, the Atis, and the arrival of the Malay settlers. It is held every fourth Sunday of January, which is perfect because tourists can still join the festivities right after the Ati-Atihan Festival (Kalibo, Aklan) and Sinulog (Cebu), both held on the third Sunday of of January. It is a celebration, with street dancing and competitive performances in full colors, as we see in this photo during the Dinagyang Festival 2017 by John Chavez (check his Instagram account, @j0hnchavez, for more photos). Click the photo to enlarge.
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5 Things to Remember About the Sinulog Festival (Cebu City)

We’ve had our fair share of Sinulog celebrations in Cebu City, but now our participation is limited to watching this annual festival on tv or reading about it in write-ups. We can’t join them all. Still, we intend to immerse our children in the Sinulog. Here are 5 things that, in our opinion, we must imprint in their young minds as they begin their Sinulog journey (we were actually thinking of 15 things to remember, but that’s too much even for us). Continue reading 5 Things to Remember About the Sinulog Festival (Cebu City)

Photo of the Day: Juana of Sinulog (Cebu City)

One prominent feature in any Sinulog celebration is a beautiful woman carrying the Sto. Nino. She is Queen Juana. Immediately after Fernando Magallanes, better known as Ferdinand Magellan, claimed the islands later known as the Philippines, he presented an image of the child Jesus (Sto. Nino) to the chieftain of the islands, Raja Humabon. He baptized the chieftain, and his queen (Humamay or Amihan), and gave her the name Queen Juana. The Philippines was named after Philipp II, son of Carlos I of Spain (also called Charles V) and Queen Isabella. The mother of Carlos I is Queen Juana, after which the wife of Rajah Humabon was named. This history refresher explains a lot about what guests see during the Sinulog Festival of Cebu. The story goes that Queen Juana was overwhelmed, she began dancing carrying the Sto. Nino. Her subjects followed suit. This is said to be the very first celebration of the Sinulog. This wonderful image, courtesy of Vin (follow his Instagram account, @vin_aranas87), shows a Queen Juana during the Sinulog Festival 2016 (Cebu City). She must have faith. She must be beautiful. She must know how to dance. And she must have the stamina to dance during the whole-day festivity, throughout the city streets, under the scorching rays of the sun. Respect. Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Juana of Sinulog (Cebu City)

Panagbenga 2013: Grand Float Parade (Baguio City)

Anybody who knows something about the Philippines knows that Baguio is its summer capital. The cool weather makes colors more distinct. Flowers are more colorful in Baguio City and the surrounding areas. No wonder Baguio City celebrates the vibrant colors of its blooms during the annual Panagbenga Festival. Continue reading Panagbenga 2013: Grand Float Parade (Baguio City)

Travel Wish List: Philippine Fiesta Celebrations to See in 2009

It’s said that travel expense, which isn’t a necessity anyway, is the first to get thrown out the window in times of financial crunch. But while the world is no doubt in a financial storm today, it’s not an excuse not to plan the places to see in the Philippines for 2009, especially now that the 2009 long weekends have been declared. Here’s where (or what?) I want to see in 2009, under the fiesta/mardi gras category: Continue reading Travel Wish List: Philippine Fiesta Celebrations to See in 2009