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Gas Station Toilet: More Fun in the Philippines

Bohol is now more than the Chocolate Hills, the heavenly white beach of Panglao Island, the tarsier, the Loboc River cruise, the old churches, the man-made forest and other attractions. It now hosts one of the MOST important needs of any serious traveler — the toilet. Call it what you want — comfort room, restroom, or any other name — but it’s ideally a place of peace and comfort. We know, of course, that a clean toilet is a rarity for travelers on the road (but, mind you, seasoned travelers can do it the “natural” way). Imagine a CLEAN toilet. Imagine a CLEAN and ELEGANT toilet of a gas station. Now, stop imagining and go to Bohol. You’ll find this SHELL station (yes, we have to emphasize that it’s a Shell station as a token of appreciation for a gas station that takes a little from its billions of profits and gives back to motorists in the form of an ACTUAL, REAL clean toilet). We haven’t seen something like this, which is why we have this story about toilets. We hope other Shell stations follow suit. We hope ALL other gas stations follow soon (tell us which gas station has done so and we’ll feature them). Here, watch this video courtesy of Filipino-Canadian Jason Godfrey: Continue reading Gas Station Toilet: More Fun in the Philippines

Photo of the Day: Bike and Man-made Forest

Of all the things remusjames list down in his Instagram account — Bojolano | Commercial Pilot | Captain| Driver | Biker | Rider | Adventurer | Ninja — it’s the ninja part that got us interested, but it’s the biker description that made us decide to feature his awesome photo (click to enlarge) of the man-made forest in Bilar, Bohol. Don’t you find this interesting? Ok, consider this — where else in the whole Philippines can you find people (and we’re talking about hundreds of photos) stopping and posing in the MIDDLE of a national road just to snap a photo with a man-made structure that someone once said that only God can make? [Paging Bohol authorities, might not be a bad idea to put up signs for vehicles to slowwww down when approaching the man-made forest to avoid any unfortunate selfie incident]. We seriously doubt if the man-made forest of Bohol ever get’s bored, looking down at all those souls performing the most insane pose they can muster. Here’s the photo: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Bike and Man-made Forest

Man-made Forest in Bohol

Poems are made by fools like me, but only God can make a tree. This is the last line of a Joyce Kilmer poem. Here in Bohol, people not only make a tree, they grow an entire man-made forest. Located at the border of the Bilar and Loboc towns in Bohol, the man-made forest is a 2-kilometer stretch of purposely-planted mahogany trees, in the middle of which the road leading to the Chocolate Hills cuts through. Continue reading Man-made Forest in Bohol